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13 Weird Things That The Customs Officials At Airport Have Found

Do you ever feel bad for being questioned at the airport security checkpoint? Well, we can understand that, but you know what, this process helps the airport officials to keep an eye on everything that's going on. And this activity has increased significantly after the incidents like 9/11 and other significant hijacks. The airport securities have tightened up their belts to make sure that nothing anti-social comes inside or goes outside of their country.Admittedly, it has made day-to-day work of customs more tiring, but their efficiency must've surely seen a hike. Recently, we came across a post on Imgur which revealed a list of some weirdest and bizarre things ever seized by customs and that lead to the creation of this listicle where we have handpicked some of the strangest things ever caught at the airport security checkpoint.Have a look!

#1 30 Dead Snakes

These were found at Atlanta airport in the year 2007. A man hailing all the way from South Korea was caught with bottles and jars full of dead venomous snakes.

#2 200 Tarantulas

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport caught these from a German couple. They were carrying 200 Tarantulas which they wished to take their home.

#3 $1.2 million in Gold bars

These were found during the regular cleaning in an airplane which was meant to travel from Mumbai to Bangkok. It wasn't shocking at all for the customs because Gold is consumed hugely in India and its smuggling is widespread.

#4 Tropical fish

In 2005, a security officer noticed some strange movements in a women's skirt at the airport in Melbourne. He decided to question her, and it turned out that she was attempting to smuggle 51 tropical fish.

#5 Cannonball

It's an innocent story of a diver who found these cannonballs which are known to be filled with explosive charge. When his luggage got checked, the entire area was evacuated following possible chances of it exploding.

#6 Grenades

A passenger attempted to get on the flight along with four grenades in his bag at Birmingham airport. Later, he got arrested. 

#7 Cocaine in implants

A 24-year-old Columbian passenger was caught in Germany at the airport security checkpoint while carrying 1 Kg cocaine in breast implants. Disgusting!

#8 Human trafficking

An 8-year-old Ivorian boy was smuggled to Spain from Morocco in a suitcase. It was general news in the year 2015 as the boy was captured and reunited with his mother. 

#09 It has nothing to do with smuggling.

A British woman traveling to Athens was caught carrying this strange, weird thing. It turned out she was wearing this because of her husband who wanted her to be loyal to him.

#10 Lipstick stun gun

Lipstick was caught in a woman's bag in Vermont. It wasn't for a cosmetic purpose; this lipstick was a killer as it was 3,50,000 volt stun gun. 

#11 iPhone body cover.

This incident happened in 2014 when Chinese airport securities caught a Hong-Kong man with 94 iPhone bodies strapped to his body. 

#12 Is it a donkey?

Almost metric tonnes of marijuana was smuggled inside an artificial donkey's body.