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Tasmanian Tiger's Extinction In Question As Many Clips Of Their Sightings Captured 

Is the Tasmanian Tiger alive? This question has been raised thousands of times, but the recent footages and clips show that there is a possibility of them living. Tasmanian Tiger, also known as Thylacine was the native of Australia's mainland, and it is said that they became extinct in the 20th century. Their first appearance dates back to 4 million years, but even after their extinction people believe that they still exist. So, here in this story, we have tried to gather the details about their extinction and also their sightings. Keep reading and let us know your opinion.

The start of extinction theories.

The exact reason behind the extinction of Tasmanian Tiger is unknown, but it is said that they vanished because of humans and a species named Dingo.  

Another reason for extinction.

It is believed that in between 1888 and 1909, the Australian government paid hunters 2000 bounties to hunt Thylacines because they were considered a threat to other living beings. 

The unexpected end of Tasmanian Devil.

As I said that there were many reasons behind the extinction of Thylacine. Another one was the loss of habitat and epidemic disease.  

The last sighting before the end. 

According to reports, the last Thylacine died in Hobart Zoo in September of 1936. After the death, the species was declared to be extinct.  

But, still, the extinction is questioned.

Even after the declaration of extinction, there have been many claims that the Devil has been spotted. But, still, there was no confirmation until now. 

The lovers 

Since there have been many sightings in the last years, it is natural that there would've been many spotters. So, the spotters, lovers, and believers of Tasmanian Tiger decided to use modern day's technology to unite and set a team to find 'em. There are many groups on social media platforms like Facebook where the discussions is carried out. 

Many consider these bullshit. 

According to the founder of a famous Tas Tiger Facebook group, "People don't have any reason to make these things up, they're not looking for attention, they're just looking for someone not to laugh at them." He also said that he represents the people who are called nuts. 

The point of view of experts.

Even some experts at the Centre for Fortean Zoology believe that the species is still alive. According to the researchers, they gathered evidence which proves that Thylacines still reside in the north-west of Tasmania.  

Back from the dead?

It is really hard to believe that the Tasmanian Tiger is not extinct, but recently a team of Tasmanian Thylacine trackers released a footage and said that they had encountered the species.  

Another belief of enthusiasts.

According to the trackers, they spotted the devil and its cub walking in the bushes. A person named George “Joe” Booth said that he didn't believe in Thylacine, but when he saw it he had to.Keep reading because you are about to see the footage.

Here it is.

You can see the movements in bushes and according to the trackers, it is the Tasmanian Tiger and its cub. 

An expert also gave his comment on the images and video.

According to Wildlife biologist Nick Mooney, there are one in three chances of its existence. They even passed the clip to the government for assessment.