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23 Perfectly Timed Photographs That Look Too Amazing To Be Real 

If owning a camera makes you a photographer than holding a frying pan will make you a chef. Isn't it? Well, no!The art of photography is not just about pushing the button and taking the pictures on an expensive DSLR. It's more about crafting and sharpening your skills. It is about capturing that perfect moment that counts, and that can make anyone go awestruck when they see the shot. While sometimes, it's just about having that single moment of luck to snap a picture, so perfectly timed that is simply hilarious or disastrous. While for the other times, perfect or best photos are the ones that were never meant to be captured intentionally from your end.Thus, I've compiled here few perfectly timed photographs that look too amazing to be considered as real. Some are meticulously captured by professional photographers while some just came out of coincidences. So, let's take a look.

#1 What was that creature?

This picture just made me laugh like a stupid. I couldn't figure out what creature is it? The headless horseman, or the horse-headed woman? Tell me if you have anything to say about this picture.

#2 The shark rising

That’s one wave I wouldn’t want to surf. And you know why!

#3 A refreshing hat

OMG! That just gave me goosebumps. How perfect is this splashing water captured on the kid's head?

#4 Yawn like a boss!

Yes, because my dog always looks like that. Indeed the perfectly captured shot.

#5 That unintentional hat placement

A classy train ride. Isn't it?

#6 All is lost

A capture that is so perfectly shot on the camera. Seems like the end of the world.

#7 This aquapark looks fun

Whoa! Seems like the surfers will just come out from that poster and enjoy the water.

#8 Statue of lightning

How perfectly is it captured. Statue of liberty has converted into statue of lightning.

#9 Catch bro!

#10 When people look way too similar like their pets

#11 This merman doesn’t look right

#12  The true love tail

#13 As long as they’re all having fun...

#14 Probably not the best time to be yawning.

#15 Fizzy science

#16 Now that’s looking death right in the face.

#17 You know, just walking on water

#18 Usual morning swim

Oh no! It should be just a usual morning 'alien' swim.

#19 A moment of pure joy

#20 Bird's eye view

#21 Always bring a fire breathing dog to the party.

#22 This one is hilarious

Not an ordinary shot captured. Humpback whales lunge out of the ocean.

#23 That bow-tie?

And what's below that? That skirt and sandals along with a bow-tie.That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com