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Your Man is Noticing All These Things Minutely and You're Clueless

To women who think that men live in oblivion or lack the observation skills, time to shatter all those inhibitions. While we women are just always involved in fun and trying to perfect that makeup look, we forget that men do notice about us. Although they do not show how much they pay attention to us and our little habits, they are the ones who observe us more than we do. Here is a list of things that men notice minutely and we women are simply clueless. Most men would admit to women's complaints of being ignorant on a lot of matters, but they are also trying hard to dodge all stereotypes, which their comprehensive observation skills. Yes ladies, mind it, they do notice the color of your bra strap, they do pay attention to how you smell and also what you do when no one is watching! Read on to know the cheat codes.

#1. He sees how much you freak out when you see your mum's call when you are with him.

Or also, that you handle it all with ease.

#2. He does observe the clothes you wear and how often you repeat them. 

If you've been repeating those smelly, stained sweatpants for quite some time, he is sure to gift you that Tide pod.

#3. He minutely notices your texting.

Men do pay attention to every emoji you use and which ones you use more often. With your replies and texting speed, they discover your interest in them. But, let me tell you, they love quick replies. 

#4. He observes the way you sleep, or if you snore.

To whatever extent you might be comfy with him, he does notice you after all. But, let me tell you he loves to see you in deep sleep, he loves the satisfaction and content on your face.

#5. He does understand when you are trying to say that all is 'Fine' or 'Okay'.

Let me tell you ladies that men guess a lot when our tone, facial expression or body language speak something else.

#6. How much do you enjoy and sing in the shower...

He loves to hear you hum to your favourite tunes while you are in the shower. Also, he loves those wild overtones that sing in fun!

#7. He notices what attire you are comfy in...

Whether bra on or off, whether stilettos or wedges or flats... Girl, he does mind it all. 

#8. He pays attention to your penchant and what perks you up instantly.

Yes, he does make a mental note of the thing that he got to you, which buried the impending argument. Most of the time, it is your favourite food!

#9. He does notice your efforts towards him. 

Unlike the common perception of the ignorant nature of men, ladies, let me tell you, men do notice those extra miles you take to force down his piece of favourite food or to get along with his friends. He might not confess, but he does appreciate you secretly for all those efforts.

#10. He observes your quirks and enlists them, too. 

Yes, he does notice your funny habits. From always jumping to the side of the sidewalk, to smelling before eating to climbing on the scooter from a particular side, he pays attention to it all.

#11. Your man never misses out on your sense of humour.

If you are interesting enough to crack him up, he will surely try to discover what leaves you in splits. 

#12. He will always judge you based on the genre of movies you love to watch. 

Whether sci-fi is your calling or rom-coms, he makes a note of what intrigues and entertains you.So girls, take a note of all these things, for you have a lot of hacks in your kitty now!Go ahead and take him by storm. Let him gush at you!