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15 Crazy Situations That People Of The Tech Support Deal With 

All of us have faith in the intelligence of humankind, and why not? After all, everything we see around us today is the result of that intelligence only. With their great technological inventions, the genius inventors have created a fantastic world around us. However, little must they know about what happens when their creations get into the wrong hands of ordinary people. Boom, they fail drastically, and there have been moments when even a person who belongs to technological background failed entirely in dealing with these problems.We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of such crazy situations that people of tech support deal with.Have a look!

#1 Server room of the hospital

Doctors solve the puzzled nerves, yet there's always a room in a hospital which looks like this. It has nothing to do with the doctors, but it is making me feel nervous.

#2 Speaker 'set-up.'

Imagine it's your first job at a tech studio, and they ask you to install a speaker for the inaugural event of the university. 

#3 Ouch, that hurts.

Ohh, the touch screen wasn't working last night. It was all dark in the room. Now you know the reasons lad.

#4 A wireless mouse.

This isn't a tech issue, is it? Well, this customer opened the mouse and was shocked. 

#5 Throw it like a rod.

This person dropped his phone into a wood chipper and saw results. Not just this, the guy even dared to claim his warranty saying the phone has some technical glitch. 

#6 When it's too noisy.

This client was angry that his children's laptop was making too much noise. They seem not to be worried about overheating, do they?

#7 How was your day?

See, yet another example of how the company provides accidental insurance and how people use it to its fullest.

#8 A special IT guy was hired to find the solution. 

A company was worried why their WIFI only works well during the lunchtime. They hired a special IT guy to find out and look what he found.

#09 Not heating much? Try from outside.

This guy's laptop was slow to start during the winters; someone told him it must be due to cold, and look what he did. 

#10 It's my friend who did it, please replace.

Can you imagine? This guy begged for the replacement after this. 

#11 When on vacation.

This guy's boss was on vacation since last two months; maybe he planned to grow a beautiful turf on the keyboard. 

#12 When you bring your pet to class, and they pee on your laptop. 

What pet did was innocence, but how the hell this girl can go to the IT department and ask them to clean it? I mean, really?

#13 Who puts an air conditioner there?

No one goes to the server room all day.

#14 That's what you call a dirty computer.

This is what happens when you take a computer on a beach with you. 

#15 Where the hell memory card is?

This customer tried to find memory card slot on his phone but failed in all his attempts. It is how the tech support team received this phone.That's all, folks!