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91-Year-Old Who Ditched Chemotherapy To Go On A Road Trip

Whenever we go through tough times, we need an inspiration. An inspiration from someone who has been something similar, or even tougher, and walked out of the situation victorious. Through the times of darkness, their steps light our way and bring out the courage in us to walk away from our problems, triumphant.There are a lot of people who ta+ke a road trip and take some time out for themselves. While most of us who plan for it, end up closing the plans for some minor inconveniences. And to all those people, this woman stands as an inspiration to say 'YES' to living your life to the fullest.Norma Jean Bauerschmidt’s travels had been followed by more than 400,000 people on the Facebook page 'Driving Miss Norma', which posted pictures and accounts of her journey.And there is a great story behind the reason as to why she decided to hit the road in that age.Read on...

Meet Norma Jean

Norma Jean Bauerschmidt became an online star as her travel logs had been followed by more than 400,000 people on the Facebook. But that lively smile on her face hides a pain behind it.

Old by age; child by heart

Don't let her grey hair and wheelchair fool you - she is much more lively than she puts on. Miss Norma decided to hop on a road trip at her age of 90 years.

A family getaway

Norma Jean set off from Michigan with her son Tim, daughter-in-law, Ramie and their lovely dog, Ringo on 24 August 2015. They made a post telling that they've driven the RV nearly 13,000 miles and slept in over 75 different locations in 32 states.

She chose to live over surviving

What makes this road trip by an old woman with her family even more special is that she denied her Cancer Treatment, and made the choice to make this travel happen.

She had uterine cancer

She was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her husband had just died two days before when Norma was faced with a heavy decision: Would she undergo a risky surgery and fight her cancer until her life seeps away, or let life take its course?

" I'm hitting the road."

When her doctor gave her the diagnosis and the prospects of treatment, she told him, "I'm 90 years old. I'm not interested in going through that. I'm hitting the road." Surprisingly, she didn't have to convince the doctors and her family for this decision.

Her family stood together

"What struck us is how difficult it is to have that conversation with people that you love about how they want the last months of their life to be. Our greatest hope with our story... is that it can maybe help families start that conversation." says her family to media.

Driving Miss Norma

Norma Bauerschmidt, who inspired millions around the world by choosing to live the end of her life rather than undergo cancer treatmentAlong with her FB page, that logged her journey across the states, Miss Norma also was lucky to inspire the creation of a book with the same name, 'Driving Miss Norma: One Family's Journey Saying "Yes" to Living'. Along with her poodle, Ringo, Norma donned the cover page of the book that was spread all across the country.

A journal of a family's cross-country hike

The book contains the ventures of her family when she took off on an unforgettable cross-country journey with her son, his wife, and their pet dog. Driving Miss Norma is the charming, joyous chronicle of their experiences on the road a transformative journey of living life on your own terms that shows us that it is never too late to begin an adventure, inspire hope.

The love of millions

Their joyful journey through the states got the attention of millions, not just for the fun they were having, but also for the way they were facing the issues of end of life. But just like all the good things have to come to an end, their travels did too!

Rest in peace, Miss Norma!

Norma made her choice to decline Chemotherapy against her cancer, and have an amazing unforgettable trip. Despite her raised spirits and jovial heart, cancer finally caught up with her, and she took her last breath on 30th September 2016.

Living her life to the fullest

Well, it would be an understatement to say that she lived her life to the fullest. She took this trip, not to escape the inevitable or run or hide from it - but after living her life as a timid woman, Norma chose to pick her life dust it off, and have fun with it as it ends. Her decision wasn't only agreed upon by her family and doctors, but the people who got to know her story couldn't help but be inspired by her liveliness. 

An unforgettable journey

Her final stop was San Juan Island, off the coast of Washington. On the trip, she had been on to lots of new experiences, from trying out regional dishes to having a beer; from meeting strangers through the trip to seeing killer whales for the first time.

Say 'Yes' to living!

She told CBS News that she had never thought of ever hitting the road. But she was happy with taking the trip over an excruciating treatment that would have been painful for her as well as her family. Not only for herself, her wish to say 'yes' to living was an inspiration to the thousands of people who heard the tale of her brave face-off with her demise.And to all of us, Driving Miss Norma will always be a story of keeping your own control over your lives.Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. And if you too are planning to hit the road for a long time, but can't, for some reason - Just do it!Share this article with your friends and motivate them too!That's all for now!You can reach out to me on harsh@wittyfeed.com