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Bold Artwork Which Has 'Nuf Power To Make You Wither On The Inside

How many times have you tried your bit to change the present state of affairs and not be drowned in oblivion? How many times have you felt bad when something wrong happened with someone? To simply go and lash out and make a difference in the world you live in. Or be burdened and saddened under the pressure of society to break the known age-old shackles. How many times have you felt the shame in being a rebel and standing up tall for what you feel is right?Well, if the answer to many of the above questions have been answered and also cajoled you to rise above your inhibitions, then maybe you are on the right track. The visionary artist Lisete Alcalde, who is a painter has vividly brought on canvas her love and concern for the Earth. She was born on November 11, 1981, in Chihuahua, Mexico.Have a look at the artwork.

When he finds solace in music, that is his passion. Best part: He has been able to identify it.

When she wants her man to be her musical instrument, with whom she busts all the stress.

Courtesy: Lisete Alcalde

When we want all our vices to be washed away by the mother Earth and we wish to feel her soothing hug.

This Earth is a baby which still needs immense care.

When the good has power to heal, with its immense energy and optimism.

They are into all the wilderness, only to be tamed by each other.

For it is a divine energy which is born...

She likes to dance to her own tunes and wants to play her own kind of music.

The uterus has immense power, from the universe.

When a tired human being wants someone who can hear and absorb her in their arms.

There is wilderness, everywhere, not to be tamed.

In this immensely varied world, it is difficult to find one's calling, it gets lost.

When they know they have wings to fly but can't get over the separation.

There is someone badly needed who accepts us as we are.

To be embraced by love...

The stupefaction when you discover your calling. It is heavenly.