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Ever Wondered What Happens When You Die?

So, the questions for today is "what happens when a person dies?" And the leading scientist, a specialist in Neurology, dissected a woman's brain in search of this answer right after she died and the after death stories which her dead mind is telling are spookier than you can imagine.Dr Cameron Shaw, a scientist-researcher has made claims that he has learned some horrifying mysteries about death. Not only he solved puzzles, but Dr Shaw could tell us what exactly happens within 30 seconds after you pass away.Let's have a look!

Along with Vice magazine, Dr. Cameron carried out this successful experiment.

He dissected a woman's brain as soon as she died. He says that you first lose the sense of self and see a tunnel-light. Although it has nothing to do with God.

As the blood comes from underneath the brain:

"Body tends to die from the top down, claiming our most human characteristics first," reports The Sun. There are three things which we lose first.

The stuff which we lose within 10 to 20 seconds.

 Our sense of self, our ability to think ahead, our sense of humor are among the first things which we lose immediately.

Our body cells start to starve.

We then lose our sense of language, memory and then, at last, we're left with just one sense. 

Tunnel vision appears instantly as you lose blood circulation to brain.

"The first you feel is fainting of your consciousness that ends with the loss of vision with tunnel vision and then complete blackness.

Our body cells start to starve.

And no, out of the body experience described by people and in most films is nothing but a trick of the mind. Dr Cameron shares, "I know a neuroscience instructor who had 'out of the body' experience," he told Vice. Sharing further he said, "The brain can create a visual world around you that resembles something close to reality that isn’t real because you’re actually blind."

And the entire life flashes in front of your eyes.

The last thing that'll happen to you before you die will be 'stand-out' moments from your life that you cherish. 

A research done by Hadassah University in Jerusalem.

Researchers examined seven different people who had a near-death experience, and they all claimed to have witnessed intense moments of their life. The flashback which you feel is not at all in chronological order.