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These 11 Signs Tell That He's Using You And You Don't Even Know It

The most important thing that women look for in a man is maturity. A woman always wants a man who is genuine in his intents to love her. And follow his words as a man of words and not of deeds is no good.And no woman ever wants to date a man who is selfish and gets into a relationship thinking only of himself. Generosity, thoughtfulness, empathy, and sensitivity are all important personality traits that men need to have in order to make their women happy. However, some women will be unlucky enough to get into relationships with men who will not prioritize them. They will be too blinded by love, they are willing to get emotionally abused by a man who wouldn’t even think about her. So how do you know you’re not being blinded by your love? How do you know that you’re not dating a man who is just using you for his own personal pleasures? There are some red flags that could help you out. Want to know? Read on and you'll know.

#1 He won't talk about commitment

If he doesn’t like discussing commitment with you, then he’s probably using you for his own personal pleasures. He doesn’t really care about you because he’s not really invested in this relationship. You’re practically expendable in his eyes.

#2 He's financially dependent on you

A grown man should never be your financial responsibility. You have enough on your plate without having to support some guy who can’t get his act together.

#3 He doesn't want you to meet his family or friends

Friends and family are always important aspects of a person’s life. If he doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family, then maybe you aren’t an important part of his life. If he really did value you and this relationship that you have, then he would have no problem introducing you to his friends and family

#4 He's selfish in the bedroom

He doesn’t care about whether you’re happy with his performance in the bedroom or not. All that is important is that you make him happy. He never asks you about what you like or what you’re feeling and so in the end, he’s the only one who is satisfied.

#5 He doesn't open up to you

He’s very secretive and he never likes to open up to you. As a result, you don’t know much about him or his interests. You see a man with no personality because he never lets you all the way in despite the fact that you’re an open book to him.

#6 Your friends know that he's not genuine

Sometimes, the best perspective on your relationship is one that comes from the outside. Your irrational love could be blinding you to the truth, and your friends need to be honest with you when this happens. If they’re telling you that he’s no good, then maybe you should heed their advice.

#7 He doesn't take you out

In a proper relationship, you and your guy often go out to dinner or to a movie and enjoy each other’s company. If that’s not happening and you rarely get taken anywhere by your man, when he’s totally not invested in the relationship.

#8 He doesn't care about your feelings

He doesn’t care about the repercussions of his action. He just does whatever he wants regardless of how his actions will end up making you feel or what effects they can have on you as a person. All he cares about is himself and what he can do to keep himself satisfied.

#9 He doesn't express his love often

Kisses, hugs, and expressions of intimacy are practically out of the question unless he needs something from you. He never shows you any gratitude and he always has trouble expressing his love for you. He doesn’t feel like it’s important to make you feel appreciated as a person and as a girlfriend.

#10 He keeps secret from you

He doesn't always tell you where he goes or to whom he talks. When he keeps secrets from you, just get the point that he's no more interested in you.

#11 You don't know him well

When you are with the right guy, it’s safe to say that you two will get to know each other pretty well. It’s fun going out on dates, asking important questions, and finding out what makes the other person tick. But this time, you’re with someone who you don’t actually know anything about on a deep, meaningful level.That's all folks!Did you get something useful from this? Let me know in the comment section below.Like and share on the social media if you enjoyed reading it.