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12 Differences Between A Dog Person And A Cat Person

The most common pets around the world are dogs and cats. And both have their different ways of expressing love.Pets are influenced by mostly everything that happens around them just like humans. From the time we are born, our parents and friends create a huge impact on us. But have you ever wondered why? Well, it is because we became like the people we spend the ample amount of time with.Similarly, how our parents raise us, when we adopt a pet it is more like our child. We nurture them.  It is our differences that create an impact on our pets and vice versa. So, allow me to explain with a list of the most significant differences between a dog person and a cat person, which I hope each pet lover will relate to.

#1. Dog people listen

Cat people tend to be protesters and rebellious, while dog people generally follow the tide and obey all rules.

#2. Cat people seek affection

Cat people seek affection from their pets while dog people are more after companionship. 

#3. Dog people keep things lively

Dog people are said to be friendlier and more energetic. Cat people, on the other hand, didn’t seem to carry the same qualities. 

#4. Cat people prefer solitude

Researchers noted that cat people tend to possess fewer qualities associated with dominance than dog people. 

#5. They have a different sense of humor

Cat people enjoy sophisticated, ironic humour that’s built on clever wordplay. While Dog people laugh at fart jokes and videos of people.

#6. Dog people represent a larger portion of crowd

Dog people often win the popular vote as a larger portion of the population prefer dogs.

#7. Cat people are more neurotic 

Cat people tend to be more prone to anxiety and neurotic disorders than dog people. This may be because their pets are far less likely to constantly reassure them.

#8. Dog people love others

It’s no secret that cats can be a bit unfriendly. In this same way, their people tend to be less outgoing. Dog people, however, are found to enjoy the company of others more.

#9. Cat people are more likely to be single

Cat people are more likely to live alone. Dog people are closely related to living in a house with a spouse or family members.

#10. Dog people are suckers for romance.

Cat people prefer genres of the fantasy/sci-fi variety, while dog people are suckers for romance.

#11. Cat people are strong

Cat people are more likely to live alone than dog people. The most likely individuals to own cats are single women.

#12. Cat people are more independent.

Dog people tend to be more sociable and obedient. The flip side of this is that cat owners, much like cats, have minds of their own.Poster Credit: ‎Nidhi Vaishnav‎That's all folks. I hope you liked the story.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com