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15 Quick Yet Queer Hangover Cures From Around The World To Freshen You Up 

When all the festive celebrations, that go too wild to make you feel fragile, these hangover cures are what come in handy. To mitigate the after-death of drunkenness, and to curb the feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead, here are remedies for curing the hangover from different countries around the world. When one just does not wish to get up and rush for a day at the office, after some wild party in the night, drenched in alcohol, some easy quick fixes are the need of the hour. The list here shows how various countries of the world fight hangover blues to emerge fresh. To help you find the best-fit fix, we have covered countries from Russia to Japan to the USA to India. How can we forget the bloopers of the movie 'The Hangover', which was an ultra-comedy, that too, leaving the characters devoid of any recollection of the drunk night.

The United States of America: Prairie Oyster

This is how you can make your own Prairie Oyster, which will surely get you rid of those hangover blues.These make for a small drink- 25ml brandy¼ tsp Worcestershire sauce½ tsp red wine vinegarA dash of Tabasco sauce1 raw egg yolkThis sour mix is a working hangover cure.

Japan- Umeboshi 

Umeboshi are salty pickled plums soaked in green tea. They are highly alkaline, which helps balance the acidity in the blood after a drunk night. 

China- Congee

This is a kind of rice porridge that is a food for the people feeling unwell, and also a go-to cure for a hangover. Get the recipe for the dish, here.

Bangladesh- Coconut Water

Coconut water is high in potassium and contains many helpful ingredients such as antioxidants, ascorbic acids, and magnesium. This has a hydrating effect on the body, reducing the impact of alcohol.

 South Africa- Ostrich egg omelette

This is a traditional hangover in the country, wherein you break a large ostrich egg to make yourself a big omelet.

Italy- Espresso

When a night of wild party leaves you with an annoying hangover, a double espresso delivers an energy boost and has been found to act against the ethanol in alcohol. It also reduces the hangover-induced headache.

Colombia- Sancocho

Sancocho is a soup made with meat (in Colombia, usually pork), potatoes, corn, vegetables, and broth. It has a soothing and hydrating effect on the human body.

India- Lemon Juice

Simply squeezing a lemon in hot water and drinking it sip by sip, is a quick hangover cure.

Peru- Ceviche

Ceviche made from raw fish, which is “cooked” in the acid from South American green lemons, along with chili, salt, onion, and coriander. This mix helps reduce nausea and headache.

Germany- Rollmops

Rollmops are pickled herring with gherkin and onions. This hangover breakfast is high in electrolytes, thus works magic in getting sane in the morning.

Russia- Kvas

This is a sour concoction which is high in energy-producing B vitamins like B-1 and B-6. It also contains high levels of magnesium, sugars, lactic acid, and amino acids. Kvas is an appetizing drink made from black or rye bread soaked in water, sugar, and yeast until it forms a mildly alcoholic blend.

Poland- Pickle Juice

Gulping down some sour pickle juice is a guaranteed way to blow off that hangover.

Mexico- Prawn Salad

This zingy Mexican salad vuelva a la Vida ('return to life'), is a quick fix to sort out that hangover. It is made with prawns, lime, onions, and tomatoes.

Ecuador- Oregano tea

A tea, brewed with the Mediterranean oregano plant, it is known to settle the stomach and also cool it.