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Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Split: Is She Back With Old Lover Justin Bieber?

After Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted spending a whole day together, news started to swirl that Selena and The Weeknd have broken up. According to People Magazine, the 10-month-old relationship ended, and the breakup has not been easy for both of them. But, the way we are seeing Selena enjoying her time with her ex-boyfriend, we don't think she is having much trouble in dealing with it.The news of breakup has certainly shocked the whole world as the couple was very open about their relationship and this coming just after the breakfast, and lunch date of Justin and Selena has undoubtedly raised the questions of them coming back together. Let us know more about the 'unexpected' breakup and patch up.  

Is everything really over?

According to reports, the couple has been going back and forth about their relationship from the last couple of months, and they were facing problems in their personal lives.  

The tours and busy schedules are being put up as an excuse.

Like most of the celebrity breakups in this case too, the tours of The Weeknd and shooting schedule of Selena has been blamed for the breakup. But, is it true? 

The love is lost, but not the friendship. 

Their close source also said that Selena tried really hard to attend most of his shows, but still, they called it quits and are still in touch with each other. 

The couple has been open about their relationship.

Selena and The Weeknd have been very open about their relationship. They both have been seen kissing each other on numerous occasions, but both of them did not say anything about their unfortunate breakup.After the news of breakup started to flow, Selena was seen riding a bike. 

Here's she is riding the bike with a friend.

According to People, the 25-year-old singer was seen riding a bike in her neighborhood. She posted this on her Instagram story on Monday after the news of her breakup started flowing. She looked happy and was playing her new song 'Wolves' in the background.But, we are here to talk about her breakup and also the patch up. 

Selena was recently spotted with Justin Bieber.  

The news of breakup came after Justin Bieber and Selena were seen together. So, the big question that arises is whether their togetherness is the reason behind it.Keep reading and we will tell you what The Weeknd thinks about it. 

The Weeknd is upset! 

According to reports, when Justin and Selena were seen hanging out together, The Weeknd was fine with it, but as the time they spent together kept increasing, The Weeknd was no more happy.Sorry Starboy, because anything can happen. Let us now shift our attention to Justin.

Justin and Selena dated for almost four years.

Almost after three years, the ex-lovers shocked the whole music industry by going together on breakfast. And, according to one source, Justin has always been the biggest part of Selena's heart. They both decided to re-think about their friendship after Selena's kidney transplant.  

So, will we listen to the good news now? 

The biggest question which many fans are asking is whether there is a chance of them coming together? Well, we have the answer. Come down and you will find out. 

Selena's family is not thrilled. 

According to reports, Selena's family is not thrilled about she and Justin hanging out together because he left her in pain. But, now Justin wants to prove that he has changed a lot and is a different person now. 

Justin really wants Selena.

Justin is the person who has been continuously texting Selena to get back together and spend some time and she agreed. 

So, what do you think?

Well, I think there are a few chances that they both can come together. Please share what you think in the comment section below. :)