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Meet The 70-Year-Old Woman Who Defied All Odds To Look 30 With This Simple Thing 

A 70-year-old woman named Carolyn Hartz from Australia is making young girls jealous with her amazing bikini body. When people saw her for the first time, they began to ask that how can she be so fit after crossing 50. But, according to Carolyn, it is tough to maintain the body after reaching 40, but it is not impossible if you have a high dedication. Carolyn is the mother of three and a cook whose bikini body is currently ruling the internet. She also revealed how she has been able to maintain her body, but as soon as she said that she faced heavy criticism. Let us know more about her and also the secret. 

Carolyn started to make changes early.

This is how Carolyn used to look when she was young. But, her recent bikini look is something that you need to see because she looks much younger to this day. 

She is a grandmother with bikini body.

Carolyn lived a normal life just like many of us, but after getting into the early 40s, she realized that she is an addict. But, what she was addicted to? Keep reading, and we will tell you. 

She was addicted to desserts. 

During her young age, Carolyn was addicted to sugar, and that's when she decided to leave it. But that was not the only reason. She was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and also had problems with blood sugar. 

She left sugar 28 years ago.

Yes, you read that right. She left sugar in her early 40s and started using natural sweeteners. She is also the founder of a series of sugar-free products that are available on her website named Sweet Life. 

She is also a sugar-free cooking expert.

The 70-year-old Carolyn has also released a book called Sugar Free Baking, so that, people can implement her lifestyle into their lives. 

Take a look at her bikini body.

I know that you were eagerly waiting to see her and here she is. Carolyn has been able to achieve this figure at the age of 70 and it is truly remarkable. But, some people did not like her explanation of looking young.

She has been criticised really bad on social media. 

Many people said that she had undergone surgery to look young because it is not possible to get such type of body by just leaving sugar. 

She addressed people on a television show.

Carolyn appeared on an Australian television show, This Morning via a live video link to clear the allegations, but still, people were not convinced.  

She even gave many interviews to clear the fact.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, she said,  "Yes I've had maintenance, I've never had Botox." She also said that she has no objection with Botox because many people do it.  

She does not mind what other people think.

She said that she does think of what people say because she knows she has gained this body with the help of a big sacrifice. 

She was also trolled on Twitter.

People on Twitter also trolled the 70-year-old, and according to Carolyn, her son informed her about the comments. She still said that she does not judge people from their comments.