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Salary Of These Nine Victoria's Secret Models Will Burn You With Jealousy

The one ultimate dream that every model keeps in her heart when she steps into the fashion industry is to become a Victoria's Secret Angel. Becoming one is a ticket for them to join the ranks of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. Models are many in the world, but being a VS Angel demands a lot of qualities in you and those qualities don't come easy. There's a cut-throat competition where models face innumerous auditions and casting directors who test them on all the aspects before selecting them.And is that it? Nope, not at all. Here comes the most interesting part. Once the model is selected, she becomes an overnight success story and enjoys the most desirable status in the fashion industry. Not to forget, they make a hell lot of money after that. And that's what it is all about in the end.We have compiled a list telling about the salaries which Victoria's Secret Angels make.Have a look!

#1 Adriana Lima

The 35-year-old Brazilian model, Adriana has the worth of $10.5 Million USD. She is the longest-serving model for Victoria Secret Angel.

#2 Kendall Jenner

The brand ambassador of Estee Lauder is the second-highest-paid Victoria's Secret Angel in the world. She has the worth of $10 Million USD.     

#3 Gigi Hadid

The model who took the stage for Victoria's Secret in December 2015 makes around $9 Million.

#4 Liu Wen

Liu is the first Asian and the third non-white Victoria's Secret Angel. Liu said that she was surprised when she was selected to be Victoria's Secret Angel because she has too flat-chest to be a model. She earns 6 Million USD.

#5 Alessandra Ambrosio

Like Adriana, Alessandra is also Victoria's veteran and makes $5 Million USD. She has been chosen among "100 Most Beautiful People Among the World" by People magazine in May 2007. 

#6 Joan Smalls

Since 2011, Puerto Rican model, Joan Smalls is walking for Victoria's Secret Angel. According to Daily Mail, she has the worth of 4.5 Million USD.

#7 Lily Aldridge 

Lily walked her first Victoria's Secret Angel's ramp in the year 2009. She gets $4 Million USD for walking the ramp and has walked the ramp for Fireworks Fantasy Bra which was priced $2 Million.

#8 Jasmine Tookes

After Liu, the 26-year-old Jasmine Tookes is another Asian model who walks the ramp for Victoria's Secret Angel. She is the fourth black model who wore Fantasy Bra which was worth $3 Million USD in the year 2016.

#9 Taylor Hill

Taylor became the Victoria's Secret Angel in the year 2014; she is also the youngest Victoria Secret Angel to walk the ramp. The model earns 3 Million USD.That's all, folks!