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Here's How This 97-YO Yoga Guru Is Still Young And Enjoys Orgasms Daily 

A yoga guru in Turkey, Kazim Gurbuz is someone who could give a fierce competition to any yoga maestro. And why not? The 97-year-old Kazim is living a super healthy life and looks not even half of his age.In his bold interview, Kazim shares that he enjoys active sex life and gets 3-5 orgasms in a day. He also believes that it's normal for any person to live to be 130 years old, all they need is to follow a healthy routine diet.Born in Adana province of Turkey in the year 1920, Gurbuz broke his back and was left paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors had given their answers; "He'd not be able to walk again". But he did not give up, and today, the man is ruling the internet. Have a look!

Kazim Gurbuz shares:

"I conducted 63 different experiments on myself…Nine months (after the experiment) I began to walk. It was not a miracle. Everything is in the brain. If a man applies his brain power correctly, the brain can regenerate muscles and nervous system. I did that," suggest reports.

His this picture, which was taken a few years ago.

To know more about his health, have a look at his diet.

He can perform any yogic posture for extremely long durations. 

Reportedly, the yogi can do the 'knot position' for as long as 48 hours and can hold his breath for more than 4-5 minutes.

What he has done is not impossible for others.

Kazim shares that a man can live as long as 130 years, but they'll have to put efforts and make their body flexible.

And we believe he is not at all exaggerating.

When you look at his health and fitness, it'll make you think that everything is possible.

In food he eats:

Kazim eats a meat-free diet which includes fresh vegetables, olives, herbal tea, honey, and beans. He drinks ample amount of water every day to detoxify his body as well.

Honey is his favorite.

Kazim can prepare honey of many varities, and he usually finishes half of jar in a single day.


He is a believer of Quran and follows Islam with all his heart.