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This Russian Artist Is Getting Famous And Hermione From Harry Potter Is The Reason

The 18-year-old Russian artist, Ilona Bugaeva is going viral on the internet, and she is getting all the attention you could dream about. She turns out to be Hermione from Harry Potter and Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones. Confused? Well, even I was when I looked at her pictures for the first time.In case you're still confused, Ilona Bugaeva is a famous cosplayer (cosplayers can change their looks in extraordinary ways) who can turn herself into any of her beloved pop culture icons. As I said earlier, her pictures will shock you.Now, can you imagine what's her costume for upcoming Halloween? Just scroll down and have a look!

Meet Ilona BugaevaIlona

She is an artist and cat-cosplayer from Saint-Petersburg, a city in Russia.

Margaery Tyrell, Game of Thrones

Apart from exceptional makeup skills, Ilona Bugaeva is also good at manipulating her facial expressions, and that adds more reality to her cosplays. 

Classic Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Im sorry if that hurts, Emma; but she is looking more like Belle than you did in its live action film.

Anna, Frozen

It looks like she forgot to photoshop some pictures.

Yolandi Visser

Well, most of you might be wondering who Yolandi Visser is? To clear your doubts, she is a South-African singer, best known for her group Die-Antwoord.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter 

These looks of Ilona Bugaeva has gotten her more fame than any other picture.

Young Elizabeth, Bioshock

OMG! That's mind-blowing cosplaying on display. Can you believe this?

Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

You know my first question? From where did she get those contact lenses. However, she is looking beautiful in the picture.

Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family

She looks exactly like her. However, doesn't her expressions look like they belong to 'Monday' Addams?

Joker, Suicide Squad

One thing is sure, if he still hasn't read about her on the internet, then Jared Leto must be wondering when did he get this photo clicked?

Elsa, Frozen

From my side the resemblance is uncanny, considering that she is cosplaying an animated character.

Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

Well this is not that bad, but she needs to have more killing psychotic looks on her face.

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Hey Emma Watson, did you see this? She's looking more like Emma Watson than Emma looks like herself.