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Photographs Showing The 'Sexier' Lives Of Our Grandparents

Life is what you make of it. Life is as much fun as much you desire from it and make efforts to infuse all those fun elements in the monotonous humdrum of daily life. Their lives were much tougher but they had fun, anyway. And most importantly, they did not mind about Facebook or any other darn social media. They reveled in the fun they were to have, instead of clicking and posting on social media and bragging.The pictures here are evident that they surely lived more in the moment than us. They also romanced, they also 'listened to their hearts', they also clicked crazy pictures, they also had out-of-the-box professions, they also did illusion photography, in fact, they did believe in mincing on the fun. Here are internet users sharing photos of their grandparents.Our grandparents were as welcoming as us. The pictures here will surely get you rid of the whims and fancies you had about their 'dull and boring life'. These may also be a bolt from the blue for some! 

"My mom at the age of 16 years, with her Camaro in 1975." Blazing hotness!


"Dad, in 1969." We wonder what would have happened then.


"My friend’s grandpa in California." (1940s)


"My friend’s grandparents are going to a costume party." (1954)


"My granny’s on a farm. She smokes, wears pants, and does what she wants." (1938)


"My mother skateboarding barefoot in California In 1974." That's badass.


"My grandparents in 1945. They were married for 45 years and met again in heaven in June 2012."


"My dad taken for Surfer magazine. Peru, 1977."


"My mom when she lived in Alaska with her husky puppy, Okie."


"48 Beers and a unicycle. My dad in the early 80s". Multi-tasker then.


"Don’t mess with my granny from North Dakota!"


"My grandpa wears a leather jacket with shorts and doesn’t care about anything." (1950s)


"I found this picture from the 1930s: my grandparents were good looking!"


"My grandpa (on the left) and his friends with beautiful strangers." (1940s)


"My grandma and her mate during the Second World War."


"My grandparents and their motorcycle in the 1950s."


"My grandma was a welder during the Second World War."