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Bullies Called Lizzie 'The Ugliest Woman' And This Is How She Responded 

Now a motivational speaker who is inspiring millions of people around the world to get rid of their label and live one moment at a time, Lizzie Velasquez, is a great compelling story in itself.Lizzie shares, she is looking for a person who bullied her, labeled her as the ugliest, to give him a big hug.The 28-year-old woman from Texas spotted a distressing video of her which had some hurtful comment in it, on the internet. She was only 17 back then, and the clip was shot without her permission."I see that video as a blessing now," shares Lizzie and "I'm looking for that person to give him a big hug."In today's world when the internet has become cheaply available, bullying has become more easy and frequent. It has changed many lives, Lizzie's is one of them.Have a look!

Born with a rare syndrome, she was her parent's first child.

Lizzie suffers from a sporadic disease called Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome due to which a person never gains weight (no matter what they eat), doctors told her parents, but still, they chose to bring her into this world.

As a symptom of this syndrome, the person looks more aged. 

At much younger age, people started to bully her. While some children called her 'disgusting.' In an interview to Daily Mail she says, "At the time, I thought everyone looked like me. I didn’t recognize or tell that they didn’t look like me."

Worst moment of her life came when she saw herself on the internet, getting bullied.

Someone secretly shot her video and uploaded it on the internet stating "the world's ugliest woman." The footage caused her a great depression, and she could not think of anything better for herself. 

She decided to put all the pieces together and then answered all the hatred comments on that video.

Despite all the negative comments, she picked the good out of there and lifted herself up. Today, she has changed entirely and is more successful than most of the healthy looking average people.

Her new look and confidence.

Lizzie is now known for her inspiring talks and motivational lectures around the world. She is also active on YouTube, helping people to fight bullying.

Now when someone asks how she feels when she looks behind...

Lizzie replies, "This is my purpose. It is what I’m meant to do for the rest of my life. I like to think that I’m not only telling my story, I’m telling everyone’s story."

Bullying causes more deaths in the world.

Under self-harm, bullying is the second most prominent reason behind people taking their life. While the same could've happened to her, Lizzie decided not to give up, and her determination is indeed remarkable. 

There's a lot for all of us to learn from her.

She's a real example of how humans can achieve anything in this world if they have a strong willpower and put all their efforts into that direction. 

She has even given a TED Talk on 'How to Define Yourself.'

Her TED Talk has got more than 54 million views on YouTube till now. A lot many filmmakers have created a documentary on her, while there are some in the queue to make her biography.