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15 Pictures Miley Cyrus May Not Want Us To See Again

There was a time when Miley Cyrus's career and life were seeing a huge transition. She was doing things which many people did not expect from her like talking about marijuana and getting high. But, today she is trying her best to wipe the slate clean. She is on her way to giving up on drugs and is trying to reconnect with fans in the same way she was during the old times.But, her rough time showed us very strange things committed by her and some of those moments were captured on camera. So, here we have gathered some of the most embarrassing pictures of Miley Cyrus which she will probably not want her fans to see.

1. Extra makeup on the Red Carpet. 

I don't think this is completely Miley's fault. Her makeup artists should take care of such things because a celebrity cannot just go out of the home looking like this.  

2. Showing way too much with her thighs.

This is probably the signature dress of Miley. But, one of the biggest problems with it is that it reveals way too much skin and sometimes private parts too. And, this is what happened in this very moment.  

3. The unexpected stage moment.

This twerking and grabbing of Robin Thicke's crotch happened at the 2013 VMAs. Many people were shocked as nobody expected them to perform together. Stars like Will Smith, Rihanna, and the band One Direction were left speechless after the performance. 

4. Smoking on the stage.

Smoking weed at concerts is a very common thing, but doing the same at award functions is not. But, Miley who used to smoke weed back in the days did it at the MTV EMAs in 2013 and thought that it was funny. No matter how funny she thought that moment was, I don't think she would like her fans to see it today because she is trying to be sober. 

5. Stretching the marijuana dress high.

There are many states in the United States where marijuana is legal, but it is for medicinal purpose. In 2013, Miley went on to wear the drug with a Marijuana-Bedazzled Leotard dress designed by The Blonds, but the shocking moment was when she pulled her dress up. 

6. Wrong selection of dress at the award function.

2013's MTV VMAs was not really great for Miley. Firstly, the moment with Robin Thicke and then choosing this dress to wear on the stage. Many people did not appreciate it because she almost stripped it in front of them.

7. The infamous pole dance.

Miley chose to do a pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009. The dance even sparked the controversy, and I don't think Miley would appreciate it today.  

8. Trying to hide breasts.

Well, I don't know if wardrobe malfunctions are avoidable or not, but if Miley would've preferred a better dress than she would be smiling in this picture. 

9. Worst hairstyle on the red carpet.

An electric shock?

10. Ready to get high.

This is not exactly a picture but a screenshot from TMZ's video when they caught Miley smoking pot from a bong. This photograph was taken on her 18th birthday. 

11. The signature look at the wrong time.

This is how Miley Cyrus reacted when she was left embarrassed at the Knicks vs. Cavaliers game which took place at Madison Square Garden in 2016. 

12. Something's coming out.

Now, this is a proof of how paparazzi can catch you at any moment. 

13. Mom to rescue.

The Bangerz Tour in 2013 gave the world this moment which was really embarrassing on the part of Miley Cyrus. Her dress popped open on stage and Miley's mother Tish Cyrus ran on the stage to save her daughter. 

14. Nip slip while waving.

I don't think Miley was prepared for this malfunction, but the cameramen were. Her right nipple came out as she was waving at her fans and photographs were captured.

15. Another wrong selection of dress.

This is how Miley used to be in past. She did not care what the world thinks, but now she is trying to be the same girl who we all used to love.All the best Miley :)That's all, folks!