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This Photographer Redefined Beauty With These 26 Women From Different Countries

In between all the societal stereotypes that have been invented by the people, sometimes the real beauty gets lost or covered by the dust of unnecessary thoughts.But, then there are people who exist just to break the glass ceiling and do something unusual. Something similar happened recently when this Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc is traveling the world for the past 4 years and what he discovered is hilarious. Photographing everyday women and collecting their stories is what he did and named it a project 'The Atlas of Beauty'. When I found out about this person, I came to know that he firmly believes in women who shine like a star because beauty is diversity and not usually what we see in mass media.Agreeing with her opinion, I'd say that beauty is independent of the age, skin color, trends or anything else like that. You may find it in wrinkles, in the smile or in the intense gesture of a human. Beauty is found everywhere you see. And to bring that to the world, compiled here is the collection you should definitely look at!

#1 Tibetan Plateau

Among the most graceful women I encountered, this Tibetan mother of two in a rural village looked like this. She had been cleaning her house, and yet she was wearing her jewelry.

#2 Havana, Cuba

An actress? A model? No, she wishes only to finish her studies and become a nurse.

#3 Amazon Rainforest

This woman captured here at the Amazon Rainforest is wearing her wedding dress.

#4 Kathmandu, Nepal

And this woman from Nepal was walking around the streets with her kid. The photographer captured this as he witnessed the beauty.

#5 Paris, France

This lady here has African and European origins and dreams to open an art gallery for artists from all over the world.

#6 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

She's wearing a deel, which is a traditional outfit commonly seen in Mongolia.

#7 Cuenca, Ecuador

A moment of tenderness at the food market. This beautiful old woman captured candid on the camera.

#8 Belgian With Polish Origins

Ania dreams to compete in the Paralympic Games.

#9 Pushkar, India

This woman from the police force.

#10 Idomeneo Refugee Camp, Greece

This mother and her daughters fled the war in Syria.

#11 Reykjavik, Iceland

This winter beauty from Iceland who works for the women community online and brings them together.

#12 Berlin, Germany

This gorgeous lady has a Malian mother and a French father and feels both African and European.

#13 Timisoara, Romania

Captured as this lady celebrates her high school graduation.

#14 Nampan, Myanmar

This lovely lady was captured at a local market.

#15 Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

She was captured while working in the most remote fields of this country.

#16 Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Her tribe is called the Daasanach. With the high temperatures here, nudity is not unusual.

#17 Korolyov, Russia

This lady takes passport photos in her little shop, but her dream is to take landscape photos around the world.

#18 Tehran, Iran

She is a graphic designer and by the time she will turn eighteen, she'll turn financially independent.

#19 Istanbul, Turkey

Pinar is a theater actress. While she loves playing different roles on stage, in real life, she adores being herself, natural and free.

#20 Bucharest, Romania

Finding people on a wheelchair at a public place is just rare. And when seen like this, they deserve to be captured.

#21 Chichicastenango, Guatemala

The wrinkled beauty of this woman who works at a vegetable market in Guatemala.

#22 Syria

This young Yazidi girl from Syria in a refugee camp from the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Unfortunately, she lost six of her small cousins when Isis attacked her village in Syria.

#23 Baku, Azerbaijan

In the world dominated by males, this woman from Azerbaijan fights for women's rights and gender equality. Indeed, she looks flawless inside and out.

#24 Ethiopia

This gorgeous lady believes in building friendship beyond religion in a country where there still exist stereotypes.

#25 Zürich, Switzerland

These sisters from Switzerland are captured on the camera. I wonder what diversification the term 'beauty' assumes everywhere.

#26 Lisbon, Portugal

This woman from Lisbon, Portugal has Angolan origins. It’s lovely to see so many diverse gorgeous people living in harmony.That's all folks!I hope you appreciate the definition of beauty and look at the world through a different perspective.Photo credits: The Atlas of BeautySo like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com