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Fast And Furious Star Tyrese Gibson Hospitalised Following Chest Pains

The Fast and the Furious fame Tyrese Gibson being hospitalized is a big shock for fans!Tyrese Gibson checked himself into a hospital and got admitted following some severe chest pains, as per the family source. Following a long day in the courtroom when the 38-year-old actor was returning to his hotel room, he started having chest pains, and that led him to visit the doctor. Doctors say the actor had dehydrated himself and needed some fluid.

Tyrese Gibson is fighting a courtroom battle with his ex-wife Norma Gibson.

Reports say the stress he felt in the courtroom on Thursday to get the custody of his children landed him in the hospital.

The issues going on in his relationship are taking the toll on his health.

According to reports from TMZ, "The actor is currently getting fluids for dehydration and is about to undergo some tests to find out why he's having chest pains."

Tyrese's wife made some shocking accusations on him in the court. 

Norma claims that "Tyrese spanked their 10-year-old daughter Shayla so hard that she was unable to sit down and is now requesting sole physical custody of the little girl," reports HollywoodLife.Currently, both the exes have 50% custody of their child.

The Fast and the Furious star in his reply said...

that he has not done anything that'd hurt his daughter, and made allegations that his former partner, Norma is doing all this drama to revenge him for remarrying earlier in 2017.

Before going to the court, the actor posted this picture. 

In this picture, Tyrese is kissing his new partner, Samantha Lee on the forehead in front of the courtroom door. He captioned the photo as "headed into court and we just want you guys to know we’re not here to win. We’re here for Shayla."

Sources also report that:

"The actor broke down in tears when he found out Norma wants to take their daughter to Israel for three to four days to meet her grandmother," reports Daily Mail.