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21 Food Lies That Shattered Everyone's Trust Forever

Sometimes, someone will tell you something about food that just doesn't sound right. You'll think, "That doesn't totally jive with me, but maybe they're right." We're here to break the news to you: people are telling you food lies, and some of them are your closest ones. Sorry to be the ones to break it to you.Moreover, when it comes to this world full of heartbreaks, stress, and fear, there is almost always one thing that comes to our rescue aside from dogs. And that is food. Now, imagine a tub of chocolate ice cream or that delectable extra serving of barbecued french fries. And what comes to your mind instantly may not come to life as you expected.Some companies or places run common food lies that may directly lead to betrayal, and we're here to expose them once and for all. Some of these might be painful, but we promise it's for the best.

1. This cheeseburger form Manila

Did you ever experience such failure in your food? I guess some people might have so they shared it here. That cheese slice was never meant to be that way as was seen from outside. There's this place in Manila where the cheeseburger was served like this.

2. Easter bunny in disguise

This Easter bunny turned out to be a nightmare for that person who bought it from the store. He/she would never have imagined this.

3. That confusing concentration

Is that even possible? First claim that there's 100% juice and then tell something else just down below.

4. This gluten-free cookie

Turned out to be a liar cookie.

5. And this chocolate

Do you see the nuts and raisins on it? Just count them on the whole chocolate.

6. This 10% Difference

So easily noticeable if you know what I'm trying to say.

7. The distorted Icecream

And here it comes the distorted panda ice cream as shown on the packet and as obtained by this person.

8. This large size fries

9. Is that even a pizza?

10. This imposter of a captain

11. What a scoop!

12. Ravioli left alone

13. Jumbo shrimps?

14. The product of Canada that came from Arizona

15. This fraud sandwich

16. Seedless, Is it?

17. Pathetic pizza

18. Oh! That bigger packaging

19. What a raisin loaf!