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15+ Hottest Rugby Players Guaranteed To Give Girls Sleepless Nights

If only you clicked to know the rules of Rugby, we'd be explaining them to you, but clearly, you didn't have that in mind? Did you? So we'll let you know one thing and one thing only. Rugby is a contact sport, and just like any other contact sport, men playing the game have to be big, very big. So while we're still searching for the perfect "cherry lips, crystal skies" analogy made by Taylor Swift in her iconic Blank Space, these 15 rugby players are the closest thing that we can find and trust us when we say, boy they're hot! How hot? Well, one of them by himself can melt the polar caps but 20 of them are on one list. Don't call the UNESCO if the article is too hot to handle! 

Pierre Spies

Ladies, the chiseled jawline, the sculpted abs and a Greek god-like chest, if he doesn't make you drool, we're sure the other people on our list would do so.

David Pocock

The 29-year-old Australian is the stuff dreams are made of, and for those who mess with him, the stuff nightmares are made of. Just look at that huge physique.

TJ Perenara

If your body fat percentage was lower than your grades, you would've probably looked like TJ Pernara but nevermind, take a moment to appreciate this eye candy.

Sonny Bill Williams

Oh, Sonny! What have you done! You, my friend, have just made millions of women drool over you. 

Leigh Halfpenny

Don't go by the name. Halfpenny would be the bang for the buck you've always wanted (if you know what I mean). 

Israel Folau

Dear Ref, Please give him a yellow card for playing with our hearts. Sincerely - everyone. 

George North

Oh, Georgie, with that big chest and those juicy biceps, you can carry us wherever you want and we won't say a word.

Richie McCaw

Although he's now 36, he still can steal your girl, doesn't he?

Sébastien Chabal

If Antonie Girezmann wasn't enough of a French eye candy, Sébastien Chabal definitely is. Just look at that physique.

James Haskell 

The 32-year-old Brit is probably the best thing to come out of England after fish and chips and Cricket.

Michael Hooper 

The 25-year-old Aussie's scrumptious figure and looks have certainly caught our attention. And we guarantee you that they'll catch yours too.

Paul O'Connell

Although now retired, Ireland's most capped Rugby player can certainly give anyone tough competition when it comes to sheer brawns.

Dan Carter

If only Cristiano Ronaldo played Rugby. Had he done so, he would've probably looked like Dan Carter. That doesn't mean Dan Carter is any less of an eye candy by himself, though.

 Tommy Bowe 

That's one lucky polo t-shirt that got to hug his incredible physique. We wish that you get your opportunity too.

Chris Robshaw

The 31-year-old Brit has still got it whether it's his Rugby Game or looks game. He certainly looks solid and that beard, wow! 

Victor Matfield

Now 40 years of age, the South African Victor Matfield surely doesn't have the athleticism he used to have when he was 25 but he still has those brawns and the killer look to go by it.

Sam Warburton

When it comes to man, sam is a veryyyy big man with big biceps and a huge chest, kind of like Captain America. Since he's Welish, can we call him Captain Wales?

Victor Vito

We've lost the count of All Whites belonging to our list. Victor is the latest addition. So if you are into really big hot men, New Zealand is perhaps your dream destination.

Danny Care

Danny Care is the kind of person every woman would love to take care of, for the rest of their lives and to be honest, who are we to object. Just look at that body!