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20 People Who Never Really Liked Being Told To Do Things

Do you consider yourself the first person in the series of people creating disorderliness? Are you someone who prefers to hang with other mildly rebellious people ignoring the rules? Or rather, do you have a hidden wild child that occasionally peeks its head to laugh in the face of arbitrary rules? Well if so, then you've come to the right place because here you'll find all the pictures of those brazen people ignoring signs. By all means, they created the variations of chaos and believe me, you'll enjoy everything you'll see here today.If you found yourself inspired by this list of people risking mild criticism for disregarding society's commands and wanted even more from these rascally rule-breakers, then get ready for some dose of rebelliousness. Below you'll find a group of kind-of-badasses committing such acts as diving in pools that command against it, stepping on the lawns of strangers even though a sign strictly forbids it, and even entering restricted areas with no shame. Don't say you weren't warned and let the chaos begin!

#1 Straight ignorance

Okay, so now you've seen this. When this man was told not to use the blade, he did use it. Although, in a different sense which turned out to be comical. He straight away ignored the instruction.

#2 Someone has a lot for this place

Indeed, that person has got a lot of bill stickers with him so that he could stick it all here where he was asked not to. 

#4 Quite rebellious

This scout of girls are so outrageous, they are selling the cookies outside weight management property. Claps!

#5 Unruly dog

I can understand that this dog can't read the text here but, what about its owner? Rebellious!

#6 Vans? That was the other way round...

This man acted cleverly. Who said 'Vans' has just one meaning? See here, he has something else to say.

#7 And this video game player

The smartest player I've come across today. He puts up the same name he was asked not to do. Clever move.

#8 Because why not?

This man would have been supposing himself as having a heart of a teen. Doesn't matter if he looks like an adult.

#9 I don't give a damn

You trying to stop me? Okay, take this!

#10 Unusual passengers

Definitely, the rules don't apply to this passenger. He's the superhero.

#11 And, who cares?

Look at the reactions it received!

#11 Is $5.01 under $5?

This seems crazy to me!

#12 Then who took the picture?

A ghost!

#13 Stapler has gone places

Wow! Lucky!

#14 Just give peas one chance

Let it enjoy the ride!

#15 And so, the child understood it...

And we say OKAY too!

#16 And here's the bear

He must have liked his photo there!

#17 This gut is not superstitious

Black cat doesn't give a damn!

#18 Oh, really?


#19 Seems so...

Even the animals don't like to follow the rules now-a-days. Look at the example.