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Tricks That Can Sharpen Your Memory Enough To Beat Einstein 

How many times have you forgotten to do certain things that were darn important and as a result cursed your memory? I think this must be a scene every now and then. So, to help you deal with this problem, here we get to some of the tricks and tips that will boost your memory and help remember things for a longer duration of time. The methods listed here are pretty much that you can deploy in your daily life, but what will make the difference is the persistence with which you practice them. Our brain has portions in which it saves information.The information which seems irrelevant is automatically stored in short-term memory, which gradually fades. A universal formula to improve memory is through repetitions, which finally settles the information in our brain. But, these repetitions must be distributed over a long period of time for better results.So if you do not want your 100% sharpened memory to shrink into a mere 20%, do deploy these tricks and see the wonders thereon.

#1. Use the power of music.

The rhythms and alliterations boost the memorising power. Also, singing is known to activate the brain cells.

#2. Create your own mind palace to relate the surroundings to important information.

This association will help in remembering the things in a more connecting way.

#3. The brain tends to mix things that look similar and thus nothing is remembered.

This is called the interference theory, so to avoid this, the trick of shifting attention from one thing to another must be deployed.

#4. Make a storyline so that it is easy to remember.

The magic of connectivity of events plays its part to sharpen the memory and easily recall points.

#5. Learning the opposites takes little time, because of their relativity to the same thing.

It is a well-acclaimed fact that opposites are easier to memorise.

#6. There is this common habit in humans that they remember the first and the last without extra efforts.

So, one can use this for benefit. This is called the 'serial position effect'.

#7. Visualise, to let things sink deeper into your brain.

Painting a vivid picture of things to remember increases the probability of recalling them. 

#8. Solve puzzles and brain games to increase the presence of mind.

This constant trigger keeps the brain active, thus things are memorised quickly.

#9. Mnemonics.

It is a method of listing the important aspects of the thing to remember and then making an acronym of its initials to make an easy-to-recall mnemonic. This helps best to students in exams.

#10. Meditate and rake in its powers.

Those breathing exercises and concentration can help improve memory power, thus strengthening your brain cells.

#11. Understand what you learn.

This way, things are absorbed in your brain, instead of staying there superficially, to be wiped off in no time.

#12. You need to understand the importance of priority.

Try and learn only the necessary information first, thus, setting up a rank of things to remember.

#13. Use the method of 'nail words'.

In this way, you hook a certain information with something relatable and then remember the things as a chain. This trick has known to work really well.Share this with everyone you know and help in expanding their knowledge game.