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Photographer Removes Phones From Photos To Describe Their Disturbing Effects

Before you start to read this article let's be honest, we've been in situations where we felt a sort of isolation even with a group of people surrounding us - or maybe we made somebody feel that way. This didn't happen because we were showing apathy towards them, but because we were very much indulged into our phones.These days, smartphones have become a black hole for people, where they completely elude their actual surroundings and lose ourselves in our mobile screens. One would think that we are more connected to the world but in reality, it's the opposite.This reality was shown to us when we saw these pictures, with how 'removed' they actually are from the world. The visionary photographer, Eric Pickersgill, shot these photos and published them under the title 'Removed'. Let's have a look, along with an exciting news about his upcoming venture.

A unique experiment

Eric Pickersgill is a Florida-born photographer with a Master's degree in Fine Arts who has a knack for teaching. He thought up of a deep concept and carried out a unique experiment.

Together, yet alone

With the experiment, what he had in mind was to show how we have distanced ourselves with those around us.

The distance is quite apparent

The photos show that the isolation from the ones sitting at your arm's reach is affecting us all, irrespective of the age, sex or even generations.

The definition of 'fun'

We can see the kids lost in their own virtual worlds, even missing out on the friends they are sitting on the couch with.

'Removed from work'

Be it from a personal scenario or from the work, people engage themselves in their phones, and if you see from the photographer's view, and ignoring their devices, they look quite 'zombified' by technology.


Eric posed his subjects with their smartphones. And before clicking the photographs, removed their devices from their hands to bring out this haunting reality.

"Just Married"

Knowing his gentle staging of an impacting cause, this married couple look more 'married' to their devices than each other.

Mother removed from her daughter

Here we can see a sad reflection of how parents can still be far away from their children even being around them.

A family dinner

'A family that eats together, stays together?'. Well, not necessarily.

Making memories

In the age of taking the perfect photos, we are somewhere forgetting the importance of making memories together!

The man on the wheelchair!

Looking at all these images, I feel the importance of connecting with the people around us before thinking that "we have the ability to connect with people across the globe".

The Ted Talk 'Removed'.

In 2016, Eric Pickersgill spoke at a Ted Talk where, along with explaining the idea behind the photo series, he asked his audience to take their phones out, "resist the urge of checking the mails and messages", and slide their phones back in without changing the pose. He took the snap of that perfect moment to show the eerie aura without the devices. He also told that he will continue this work of his - and that is what the news is all about. Do keep reading!

Eric is visiting India for his next project.

Yes, He will be coming to India for his upcoming project in association with tlkn during 6th November - 21st November 2017. Eric is collaborating with tlkn to show how we all are connected but alone, irrespective of the country. He is going to travel through India to capture how digital isolation has silently plagued every part of our country and emphasize why we should start tlkn!

Exposing the idea of 'Removed' outside of U.S.

He is excited that along with tlkn, he gets to explore the issue of smartphone use outside of the United States as the distraction exists all around the world. They will be filming a documentary about the project upon his ideas, as well.Image sourced from ©Eric Pickersgill, 2017

A collabotive effort

tlkn is a simple platform for real conversations and just wants to inspire people to talk more. With the virtual distances growing between people, we've zoned themselves in their mobile screens and stopped talking to each other. With their ideas collaboratively merging, Eric and tlkn are putting their efforts to bring this effect into the light.Stay tuned for the updates on Eric Pickersgill and tlkn's project in India.Share this article with your most 'Removed' friends to let them know what they are missing out on.