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15 Common Phrases People Use During Intercourse And At A Police Station 

If you're reading this, then I assume (the assumption can be wrong) that you've dealt with police, know someone who has been to a police station, or you must've gotten someone arrested for committing a crime. No need to lie, we all have been in such situations. However, have you observed the conversations which happen between the police and the criminals? Well, maybe not, and even if you've done that, then you might not have noticed their words in a way that makes them seem more surprising than they are. Well, don't worry. I'm here to share that only.We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of phrases that people say at the police station which may sound 'familiar' to them when they relate it to those said while having intercourse.Have a look!

First, they're asked about the charges before going forward.

Then secondly, they ask for things they need.

You deny it, but you know you'll have to face this.

They say that's too small for them?

Later judge you by asking if you're coming?

And that scary reply which you get from them instantly.

You offer all your money to let go.

Graphics by: Dhruv (He won't take all your money).

You scream when it's tight, and but they just don't understand.

You say it hurts, and they put more force.

Words which no one wants to hear.

They use the baton, and you know it'll hurt.

Or a Kane... depends!

Once they start, you ask them to stop.

Later, you find yourself following their orders.