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20 Amazing Pictures From Past That Not Everyone Has Seen Before

You may have read about history in books or on the internet, those fascinating facts and figures that let your imagination flow like a river. But still, even after reading a lot of things, something is always missed, isn't it? No matter how good we are at shaping something in our imagination, those pictures of the past we create in our mind always look a little blurred. Well, all that ends here.We're here to show you pictures of past that people have read about, but not everyone has seen them. When you look at the actual photographs from history, it unfolds a whole new world in fascinating ways.Have a look!

Tiger cubs.

This picture was taken in the year 1937 of a zookeper with Tiger cubs.

Ever wondered what was it like to visit beaches in the 1920s?

It was something like this, the way you see in the picture above. It's a small drum like structure inside which women used to change their clothes at public beaches in the 1920s.

Guess who?

Well, that's Charlie Chaplin and his wife, Una in the Unites States of America, 1944.

Can you guess which city is this?

Don't get shocked when I say it's Dubai. Yes, the same Dubai which is now known for its sky-scraping buildings.

Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones

Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren and Jamaican singer, Grace Jones were in a relationship during the 1980s.

Mata Hari in 1900s.

Mata Hari or 'Margreet' was the world famous exotic dancer before she got convicted of being a spy for Germany during the World War I.

Guess what's special?

Well, it's a picture of the first women driver in history. It was taken in the year 1900s.

Ever wondered how women celebrated Halloween back then?

Well, that's how they rolled on the sea during the 1950s on Halloween.

Well, that's not NSFW. They haven't kissed yet.

This picture was shot for Life Magazine in the year 1942 under the tagline, Kissing For Dummies.

Can you spot the famous couple in this picture?

Well, that's Elbert Einstein and his wife Elsa with the people of Hopi Tribe at Grand Canyon in the USA, 1931. 

Tallest man on Earth, from history.

Born in the year 1918, his name is Robert Wadlow, and on his first birthday, his height was 3 feet 3.5 inches. The boy kept growing until he became like this. His record-breaking height was 8 feet 4 inch in the year 1937.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold walked in bare clothes on the streets of Munich. It was all done to promote bodybuilding and attract people to do gymming. This picture was taken in November 1967.

Ice-cream and a tourist.

In this picture, you see a tourist standing near Eiffel Tower while holding an ice-cream in his hands. This photo was taken way back in the 1950s.

Have you eaten muffins?

The man you saw in the picture above is a Muffin man from London. He used to sell Muffins on the street during 1910.

What do you think it is?

It is the first version of a mobile radio and telephone which is being used during the early 1920s.

yet another instance from history.

A model in bikini promoting Lada at the motor show in New York City, 1973.

A famous yet rare picture.

That's Princess Diana, dancing with John Travolta at the White House during a reception in 1985.

That look!

This particular picture is famous for that look on children's face when one of them washed their pet, Meerkat. It was taken in South Africa, 1950.


This is how women used to get tattooed at the tattoo parlors in the year 1928.