On In Relationship

Cutesy Illustrations Showing The Daily Humdrums Of Life After Marriage

Marriage is an institution that has the power to infuse maturity even in the most childish of the people. The illustrations here are a reflection of the little moments that a couple deeply in love in a marriage encounters. The moments brought out here happen to touch a lot of emotions, ranging from pure love to irritation to care to help to daily habits to romance. The comics are by Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, cartoonist, Yehuda Adi Devir. He has brought out 'WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MARRIAGE' in these drawings, with his loving wife, Maya. His wife is the inspiration behind this super adorable work. Each other's bad habits, funny moments, those quiet intimately romantic moments, that have been shared just between the two of them have been given colors and shape.We are completely smitten with these ohh-so-cute comics! Identify yourselves, here. Do share with your better half, to make him/her feel the intricacies of this bond of a marriage.

This is a common sight after a fight and after a session of 'you-know-what'!

The bad habits, one of the very common is the 'smell check'! Yuckkk, that is!

Courtesy: Yehuda Adi Devir

When she is sunbathing and you are by her side, but something naturally as unfortunate happens!

When only you know what keeps you reminded and aware of 'those important dates'!

Awww! That cuddle... One of the best feelings of being in a relationship.

I hope my future 'to-be' is watching these!Catch more of the artist's work, here.

The moment she spots a mirror, she forgets you! 

After years of marriage, when you two are highly comfy with each other, even that celebration cannot win over the sleep.

Her hair are literally EVERYWHERE! And that is annoying AF!

When the two of you are too lazy for the cleaning and stuff... Simply lying around is what you want.

When she wants all your attention and you secretly enjoy it!

Awwww! Those snuggles and nuzzling, they give the feeling of completeness.

When even after a gulping down a sip, she is badly drunk... When she is too sober to even handle a peg!

She knows your annoying habits and that you will suffer from them.

That melodrama after a haircut... Something incessant but you are very well versed with!

When she completely immerses herself in her favourite meal...

When she is catching up on her favourite sitcom and you are all over the place searching for her.

A common sight when she has lots to wear, but 'nothing to wear' is always the rant.

She will fight with all those predating and sucking mosquitoes to protect you. Your little cute ninja!

You are in love with her for her cute acts, such as this... Taking all the safety measures when she cooks for the first time.

Laughing out loud! Even before she works out, she works out ways to not 'work out'!

We are in love with these highly realistic and relatable comics. Do share with your married friends.