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Transgender Singer Spends $1M To Look Like Barbie And Her Transformation Is Unbelievable 

Living their dreams is the best thing that a person can do, and a 35-year-old transgender actor and singer from New Jersy is doing just the same. Nikki Exotika had a dream of looking just like a Barbie doll since she was four years old and she has finally achieved it by spending $1.27M on plastic surgeries. Nikki was born as Jason Torres and wanted to become just like Barbie since childhood. She felt like she was a girl who was trapped in a boy's body. So she decided to change her gender and also transform herself into a Barbie doll. After the gender change operation, she has appeared in many films like Trantasia (2006), Vamp Bikers Tres (2016) and also released an album named Manwhore in 2012. So let us now take a look at her transformation and also find out what her secret desire is.

Nikki was obsessed with playing with dolls. 

Exotika wanted to transform herself into a Barbie doll since she was 4-year-old. But, there was a big problem which she had to overcome to fulfill her dream of becoming a Barbie. Keep reading, and I will tell you about the issue.

Nikki decided to overcome the obstacle.

She was born as a boy, Jason Torres and at the age of 19, she decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery. 

Exotika was bullied in school.

The gender change operation cost her nearly $250,000 which included breast implants, calf implants, lip enhancements and rhinoplasty. 

She finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a Barbie.

She had many surgeries including six nose jobs, multiple eye surgeries, hairline surgeries, and many other expensive procedures done on her body.

And here she is.

She wanted people to see how wonderfully she has transformed. She does not just have fashion-sense like a Barbie, but also a body like her.

She cannot recognize herself in old pictures.

I mean, I also did not imagine that she would look so different when I first saw the pictures of her before the surgeries.

She has been fighting since her childhood.

In an interview, she said, "I would always sit down when I went to the bathroom, I never stood up, it felt like I was born with the wrong genitalia even at that age." 

She was confused and ashamed, but not now.

During her childhood, she had no idea about trans people, and when she came to know about it, Exotika tried to keep it as a secret. 

Now, she is more than happy.

She doesn't regret a single money which she had spent on her surgeries. In an interview, she said, "It’s all paid off, because while traveling the world everywhere I go people look at me and say ‘Wow, look at her body, she looks like Barbie’ and always want to take pictures with me."

She has even auditioned for America's Got Talent. 

Nikki Exotika started a transgender pop group named Secret Girls and the group even auditioned for the America's Got Talent. Next, we'll be telling you about her secret desires.

But, that's not the end of her dreams.

There are more things which she wants, and that is a pink BMW convertible and a dream man who would go on a lifelong ride with her.

She's looking for a man like Ken doll.

She said, "I'm still optimistic on the relationship front, hopefully, one day I'll find my Ken – I'm looking for a tall, super hot, straight muscular man, I love tattoos and pretty boys that look like Ken Doll."

The change is just phenomenal.

I hope that this Barbie doll gets the Ken of her life. It is amazing to see how people show their extreme dedication towards fulfilling their dreams and wishes.Share if you liked the story of Nikki Exotika's unbelievable transformation.