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18 Wedding Photographs That Are Actually Works Of Art

They say every picture has a story to tell, and it turns out right when you look at the images of past that bring along all the emotions you felt at that very moment. A website called Fearless Photographers that is dedicated to capturing beautiful wedding photographs from around the world unveiled their collection of 204 stellar images on October 14, 2017. Their collection features immensely beautiful and daring destination pictures that couple decided to get clicked on their special day.We at WittyFeed have handpicked the award-winning photographs that are changing people's idea of wedding photography.Have a look!

Isn't that beautiful?

Do you see that reflection on her glasses? Maybe that's not just a reflection of a bride, but her memories when she was a bride.

What do you think could be the story behind this picture?

A bride is crying while watching her mother getting all dress-up on her daughter's big day. It's not easy to defeat cancer; it extracts every ounce of hope you have in your body.

Now what do you think of this image?

A bridge over troubled water, and couple lay down peacefully, together. Doesn't that define a beautiful relationship called marriage? Think about it.

You know what?

The real character of the person shines through in moments like these. It's joy everywhere.All pictures are sourced from Fearless Photography.

This picture reminded me of a saying I had long forgotten.

"A person is judged by who he remembers when he/she is most happy, not when he is sad or in agony."

Ouch, that gown could've been higher (no pun intended).

Isn't that a perfect frame for a wedding photography?

Only grandparents would understand this feeling?

You see the daughter of your son growing up from tiny baby to a child, a girl, and woman to get married someday. These tears are natural.

Breaking the stereotypes.

Go get it grandma!

What's the story here?

Well, one could only tell if h/she gets to see what lies in the front side (if you know what I mean).

They're all after rings.

How I see it: The girl had a wish to get married in the same church where her parents got married, she knows they're watching her from heaven. It's an ancient church.

This is the story of growing up and growing strong.

This picture makes many people wish if their grandmother had been alive.

A fanstastic composition and executed photography.

Though it's a bit cheesy, we're loving what photographer has done in this picture.

True love never dies.

Apart from wedding and happiness around, another love which we can see here is in between that cake and a child. Flawless.

So what?

So what if she has grown old and developed wrinkles on her face? Look at her clothes; the real beauty never leaves her elegance. Classic.

What does it reminds you?

Some people say that it reminds them of shadow theatre. What's your memory?

Just one ring, to connect two souls.

In this ring, they're not seeing themselves, they see their love and its beauty in near future.

This one has killed many, dad's first look.

And the reaction to dad's reaction in the back, it's all lovely.