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19 Photos Revealing Ugly Side Of The Society That Will Make You Think Twice 

Whether it is about daily life problems or a girl's struggle, or even relationship scenarios - illustrations and artworks bring out the actual feeling that we go through in those scenarios. They establish the humor, expressions, and sentiments behind those sketches.And just as the light-hearted illustrations show the hilarious exaggerations of our day to day lives, the dark ones put forth a face of our society that we sometimes choose to ignore. 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' And some of these dark illustrations disclose the truths of our society.A Spanish artist Luis Quiles has spent the last couple of years creating hundreds of powerful drawings depicting a disturbing but real face of the world and society. These dark illustrations hide strong and controversial messages that will make your head spin.The images of the artist are so impactful that they evoke deep instinctive reactions - be it arousal, fear, disgust, or antipathy.

Young ones under the influence of social media.

Today, the children have been living in a virtual, 'Internet' lifestyle, and have dedicated themselves to it.

The violent love.

Luis Quiles perfectly illustrates the pain of Domestic violence, and how people try to veil it from the world.

Freedom of expression.

The media has always been a keen sight of the high authorities over what is being told to the public. With this, how much has been kept hidden from us?

'Free Expression?'

The media today covers anything that occurs, but do they tell us the whole story? 

Taking over the world.

To them, the world and the war is nothing more than a game. And they insensitively toss it around like their own play-things.

Going to my neighbor!

I found this image the most touching. Alan Kurdi peacefully resting on 'Totoro', a fictional character famous for loving children, unconditionally.

The Plea from Syria.

This boy, Omran, got famous after the bombings in Aleppo, Syria. And yet, not many even know his real name. While without even a full glimpse of her face, the caricature can be recognized as of Kylie Jenner's. The kid's plea suddenly makes sense now, doesn't it?

The bar code.

There is no cost that can be paid for the starving generation simply because the rest of the world is engulfed in consumerism.

Finding Nemo.

Not just simply the political darkness, the people of the world are equally accountable for the waste we are making out of our planet.

Bound by freedom in the democracy.

Democracy has slowly turned from 'of the people, for the people, by the people' to 'of the ruler, for the ruler, by the ruler'.

All men's religion.

God created men and women alike, so why has it been instilled in us that the two genders aren't equal?

The censorship.

The famous 'Nirvana' album cover has always floated with controversy - mostly for its 'nudity'. How intolerant have we become?

Batman ain't the boss here!

He might be the mighty superhero on the streets. But when in the home, he has to kneel to her!


With its power over the world, social media controls what they see, or more importantly, what they don't.

Stranger things.

The girl from the thrilling TV series, Stranger Things, has won the hearts of many with her performance. And with another season coming up, people are sure looking forward to seeing her win the screens again.

Social media love

Today, people act as if the likes and shares over a sad story on social platforms actually help those in need for their betterment. 

'Jaws' - by Capitalism.

It has always been a reality, that the rich has preyed on the poor of the society.

The Selfie-sh-ness

With all the rage of 'Selfie culture' in today's society, people have grown insensitive to others' pain, and simply derived the formula of popularity on the number of likes they get.

Childhood ruined.

Today, the childhood isn't as innocent as it was a few decades ago. And this image clearly describes the childhood mindset being ruined.Did you like these illustrations? You can find more of his brilliant works at the Deviantart profile of Luis Quiles.That's all for now! You can reach out to me on harsh@wittyfeed.com.