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These Differences Between Mom And Dad's Parenting Style Are Hilariously True 

There's a famous saying, "If women come from Venus, then men come from Mars."These words sound right when most of us compare the thought-process of men and women. The statement rings even more real when some people look at their parents and how both of them have different styles of parenting their child. Some parents are like North and South pole of Earth; same yet entirely different. As most of us start to know them genuinely, we realize that both of them belong to a different world, and these differences remain crystal clear, as we see our parents having opposite approach when it comes to parenting and taking care of their child.Still unclear? Well, let's have a look at the moments of their differences that are hilarious and cherishable.

#1 Mom feeds a child; dad feeds the beast.

#2 Dads prefer being more carefree!

#3 Dads and the thug life!

#4 How mother sees a trolley and how dad does.

#5 Mother entertains you, dad entertains himself.

#6 Dads don't give a damn to easy ways!

That's all, folks!

#7 Now when it comes to learning new things, like bicycle riding.

#8 Dads provide comfort as well as discomfort!

#9 How mother sees her children vs. how dad see.