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These Hard-Hitting Illustrations Carry the Perfect Hidden Messages

However our society evolves, there are always murky stains that we choose to ignore. And as necessary it is for us to celebrate the advancements, so it is to acknowledge the corruption. And there are artists who are doing a damn perfect job at that.Waldemar Kazak is a Russian artist who has taken the combination of imagination, creativity, and illustration to a new height. He skillfully turns the various social aspects into the incredible pictures. His artworks mainly cover the real picture of society regarding love, relationships, discrimination etc. Kazak creates every image so deeply, and many of them contain sexual illustrations. So, they create controversies at times. But, each one of them carries a hidden meaning and is worth a watch. Go through these surreal images from his collection and find out the hidden meaning that Kazak wants to reveal.  

Glimpse of a cafe. Kazak named it, 'Silk food'.

It couldn't have been named more appropriately.

Is that her father?

Who other than Kazak could have illustrated the 'bed-time' like this? 

What do you think he might be thinking?

This retro style artwork in 'Parkline' make you curious to know what happened here

The picture is aptly named as 'Loneliness'.

A mirror image of present day women?

Kazak's illustrations flirt with social realities.

The struggles of a middle class family is shown in 'Highway to Town'!  

'Talking over a beer'.

Waldemar Kazak gives a virtual image of high-class socialites. More like 'talking over a bear'.

Oh, that glare! 

Well, 'Valentin and Valentina' tells that pigs are found across the globe.

Ready to face the hogs?

This must be indicating how it feels to be a girl in 'Moscow Subway'.

Kazak's pictures leave the viewers with deep thoughts.

A mechanized life, a reality of 21st century shown in 'We are the robots'.

These illustrations are on sale as well.

A woman with no brain? 'The Moth' showcases how women who choose beauty surgeries are making such a brainless decision.


Lord Jesus, our savior, our one and 'Only Love'.

'Robin Hood's arrow'.

Difference between what one wants and what one should aim at.

'The Imperial March'.

The artist mentions about a memory where a slim modest girl sitting in a van suddenly had her phone rang with 'The Imperial March' tune from Star Wars. He compelled himself to draw this scene.

It's Monday and the picture is worth 20 Euro.

'Monday' is the day when you want to start your week on a high note. But ground realities are different.

Ready to serve.

An attempt to depict fantasies with a tinge of reality. 'Onion Cream' features a Russian cartoon, Cipollino, all grown up!

Save the nature otherwise, it won't save you. 

An effective way to convey the message. 'Run Dwarf Run' perfectly describes the message.


'Robot is dead' shows a harsh reality of the present-day world. 

This is named 'Hero of revolution'. 

Reality expressed in a bizarre way. This shows that not everything is as it seems.

Did you get this?

A modern take on The Little Red Riding Hood. This time, she will not be fooled around. A reality of 21st century.

Obsessed and addicted.

This one's called 'Kote' in the memory of his mother's pet.

'Oldmen and sea'.

Kazak's art touches the heart straight. 

Bizarre, weird, yet speaks a lot.

'Stupid Hero' portrays Catwoman and her boyfriend at home.

Kazak's every creation deserves a salute.

When hands become red in blood... This one's named 'Sticky Sweet Fate'.Did these illustrations make you sink in deep thoughts? Find more of his work and buy it from Kazak's website. Share these illustrations with your friends. Let me know how you feel about them in the comment section.