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This Woman Hilariously Recreates The Pictures Of Celebrities On Instagram 

The social media has brought us closer to many of our favorite celebrities. Today, we know what exactly they are doing by just checking their social media accounts. At times, the images that celebs post are far from being just ordinary. Some of them remain utterly ridiculous and bizarre for the common man's eyes. Looking at this, a woman has taken some responsibility to deal with those odd pictures. Let us talk more about her now.This woman named Celeste Barber from Australia is trying to show the bizarre pictures by using a series of photos and hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted. She has got over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and has mocked everyone from Justin Bieber to Beyonce. Here we have gathered some of the best pictures from her account that talk more about the reality of the celeb shots. 

Her undergarment is much more visible than Kylie's.

I am in love with her plain expressions. 

Time for some love, Khloe.

When you can go to any height and depth to make people laugh.

Every single thing is safe in their hands.

I hope Celeste doesn't drop the things in her hands because we know Beyonce didn't.

Hangover style = Rihanna.

Rihanna would love the recreation of her picture much more.

She even got a helicopter instead of a drone.

I hope Blac Chyna sees how brilliantly Celeste used helicopter and alcohol in her recreation.

No one in Kardashian-Jenner family is safe.

This is how Celeste wished a happy birthday to Kanye. 

Too much sagginess.

The reality of a common woman depicted with perfection.

This world is a cold ass place.

Sorry, Celeste, you are perfect, but I don't think anyone can recreate this picture of Lenny Kravitz.

The love for Jenner sisters never fades.

By the way, it is Kendall Jenner on the left.

When you cannot get more creative.

She is just too damn good for Miley. As much I as a fan know Miley, she would love to try this thing out.

Expressions of male participants tell you everything.

Just look at both of the males in the picture and where they are staring. #MenWillBeMen.

This seems to be so much fun.

This is how a normal picture of Alessandra Ambrosio can get a funny element with just a few changes.

The harsh reality of gyms.

I don't think anyone can understand this picture better than me. I mean, I am fat, and I have a hard time doing workouts.

Nowadays clothes are unaffordable.

Well, we cannot just ignore the fact of clothes being too expensive these days.