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21 Cringe-Worthy Pictures Are Here To Waste Your Time On The Internet

All of us love symmetry, photographs which are picture-perfect and ready to share on our social media profile instantly. The refreshing feeling we get while watching such pictures, again and again, is inexplicable, but is it right to hope for the best always? Well, maybe yes, but that doesn't mean you'll get the perfect results every time.I'd say give perfection a little break and have a look at these pictures brought to you by WittyFeed picked from all over the internet. We're sure these photos will provide you plenty of laughter and entertainment.Have a look!

Spring season in Netherland.

It could've looked like a small child was given the entire Dutch countryside to paint with his crayon, only if these lines weren't straight. Wondering why the land is so colorful? Well, they're tulips farm in Netherland. Every year, tourists come in huge numbers to see this wondrous land of tulips.More than 3 billion tulips are grown each year at the same place. 

Kelsey Beehler.

Instagrammer and YouTuber, Kelsey Beehler (right) shared this picture on her social media with her fitness partner. In case you don't know, Kelsey is one of the known faces in health and fitness blogging world.

That's why you need a best friend in life.

A good friend reminds you of good memories, but your best friends have lived them with you.

Is this off-screen incest scene rehearsal or fun?

Sophie Turner grabs Maisie Williams bosoms in a beautiful picture. Well, that could make even the dead man adjust their pants. If you know, what I mean.

The real friendship.

Well, there's only one thing which would come to anyone's mind after seeing this picture. Friends don't let friends fail in an exam.

Alyson Tabbitha, a great make-up artist.

Some of you may have felt shocks and goosebumps looking at how wonderfully this girl has transformed herself into Wonder Woman, but that's her regular. Alyson is a makeup artist and costume designer who can turn herself (or any girl) into any of her favorite characters. 

Just a tree in Hungary.

I wonder, what did the tree say to its barber? It is looking cool, isn't it.

Pyramidion of Amenemhat III

The hieroglyphs on Pyramid shows winged son above everything which depicts that its sun who controls all life on planet Earth. The text below reads, "Extracting negative charge from the Aether, ionospheric wave (Schumann resonance) to produce negative charge land using Pyramid to support life by absorbing negative charge into the land."

Who are the real terrorists in America? 

There's a campaign, Debate.Org where people share their opinion about politics and other stuff. In one of the most discussed debates, it turns out that there are a majority of people who believe real terrorists reside in the USA.

Diet joke. 

All of us have heard of diet coke, but have you ever seen a diet joke? Well, its right above in the picture you just saw.

Only if you could think of something creative.

We want you to leave all your essential work behind and give your precious time to name this group creatively, the time that'll never come back.

Huge wild fire destroyed forest in Kansas.

Kansas forest caught fire, so homeowner living there turned on sprinklers on and left. Later, returned to this. 

Here's another picture to waste more time.

Right now, you're feeding your mind with all the irrelevant information in the world. Still, you love it. That's the beauty of learning.

Now this.

Do you know how this picture can waste your time? Well, you'll just have to look carefully and find out if that girl is wearing a wig or she has long hair.

The Wisteria flower tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Garden.

The garden is the main attraction for local people and tourists who come here to walk under an enchanting exploding with color.

I have never seen a spork like this ever in my life before.

By the way, there's a name for this 'usefool' spoon+fork, and that's 'FPOON.'

It is one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

What you see in the picture above is the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. It's a stunning coastline and world's most extensive natural site for its mesmerizing tides.

Halloween family.

A perffect family picture for Halloween. Wait, is it perfect or scary? OMG! I just saw an extra hand.

Cute, aren't they?

Well, this picture of two dogs in winter wearing a woolen cap is winning the heart of people on the internet.