On In Relationship

Quirky Illustrations That Perfectly Capture the Sweet Emotions Of a Long-Term Relationship

These illustrations are the perfect amalgamation of fun, humor, sass, and everything that comes between two people when they are in a relationship since long. The weirdness and habits of each other are so well known that one starts enjoying them. From knowing the kinds of underpants that the partner wears to not minding before a fart and that burp, surely long-term relationships are full of fun and have their own charm and comfort that futile, ever-changing ones can never provide.Surely a relationship ages like wine, to have more intense flavors. California-based artist Mary Park has simply infused the emotions shared in a long-term relationship in the illustrations. Any couple who has been together since long can connect with these so deeply that they will feel as if their bond has been showcased here.From that asking for love to cooking together to being lazy and nasty around each other, that too, whether clad or not, these illustrations speak volumes. Have a look.XOXO!

When the comfort level is high

And that cute hitting of belly on you. 

Those constant fights that strengthen your bond.

When you do not mind climbing over her and having some great fun.

When you know what it is like to be with a girl...

When you see the flip side of things.

Fuc*, that moment when you are taking clothes for laundry and...

You drop her period tainted underpants! You realize that you guys have surely been long enough.

When you are missing his cuddling badly...

And there he is, all busy on his own! Nothing annoys you more.Courtesy: Mary Park

When you don't mind before you let out that nasty smelly fart.

A sign that you guys are comfy around one another. This is a big compliment for the two of you.

This is the most epic of all, when you can poop together and also talk on it.

Without any awkwardness or discomfort. Let me tell you, these are the memories in the making which you will surely cherish in your old age.

And now you embrace in each other's queerness.

Without any complaints or guilt.

That fun tickling and annoying each other with pokes...

Has become an everyday thing, leaving you feeling incomplete if not practiced!

From 'will you have this?' to 'gimme my portion!'...

It all changed into comfort.

When you know her more than herself.

And she loves you for this.

The crazily weird and all sorts of 'out-of-this world' traits come up from time to time.

And you realise how quirky your partner is. Laughing silently.

When she claims herself to be a great cook...

But the result is surely not as expected.

When you are comfortable with the reality of her looks...

Damn the makeup.

When she is too enthusiastic to do it all by herself...

Without any help from you, only to make herself suffer.But you anyway offer help.Phew! We hope you enjoyed these illustrations. Do share with your partner with whom you have enjoyed these little joys of life. Tell him/her how important they are.Feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com for any suggestions.