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20+ Hilarious Photos Depicting That People Can Sleep Anywhere

Have you ever been in a situation where you just put your head down, say to yourself that you'll probably take a 5-10 min short nap and you wake up 25 years, two zombie apocalypse and a beard later? Trust us we've all been there.Some people are very fussy when it comes to sleeping. They'll need their bedsheets at just the right temperature, the pillow just at the right angle etc. Perhaps for every perfectionist, there's someone else who doesn't need anything to sleep. Some people are so lucky that they don't even need to feel sleepy to sleep!So through this article, we at WittyFeed would like to bring to you 15+ photos of people that'll prove that some people can sleep literally anywhere.

On the massage chair.

To be honest, we don't blame him. The chair looks comfy as hell.

In the library.

Just why would one prefer to sleep here? If only we could've explain, we would've tried to. 

On the duty.

Spoiler alert, this isn't the only photo of a security guard sleeping on his duty. Although this definitely has the weirdest pose.

Among the ducks.

The man is our role model, why? Because not a single duck was given that day!

In the seat.

If you look closely, the legs are actually acting as a protective railing. Quite ingenious, isn't it?

In the bus?

Kids never sleep, adults sleep on their seats and legends....

On the table.

Somethings are absolutely inexplicable. This is surely one of them.

In the bus.

Seems like the bus is everyone's favorite spot to catch a nap. Although we must admit, there's a proper way to do that.

We're out of words.

Did someone tell the guy that it's quite dangerous to do so?

On the suitcase.

While we are all living in 2017, this guy is surely living in 3017.

In the bus.

Draw me like one of your French girls. So majestic, such wow.

Erm...on the pu**y

Now that's one way and some posture to sleep in. But hey! She isn't minding, is she?

On two seats.

There's a proper way to sleep on two seats and then, there's this! 

Under the table.

Did someone tell him that he's probably doing it wrongly?

While standing.

That's new, isn't it? But if you wanted a takeaway from this article, it better be this.

On the rocks.

Well, we must say, he's sleeping on the rock, isn't he? You see what we did there? Okay, we'll stop.

On duty again.

See? We told you there would be another picture of security guards doing their duty. But at the end of the day, they're humans too.

Under the pet.

This seriously gives us pet goals. He's not only sleeping with his owner, he's sleeping on him.

In the bus.

You know, the lady standing behind could really do with the seat, but she chose to be polite though.

Under the table.

We guess the chair is more expensive than the table and the man is totally taking advantage of it.