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16 Times People Typed Wrong Things But Got Hilarious Results

All of us search for a lot of things on the internet, but how many times does it happen when we seek something different and get an opposite result? Hardly once in a while. And when it happens, we end up realizing that it was our mistake, we mistyped words.When you search something on the internet, spelling plays a significant role. Whether you're searching a single letter or an entire word, if you make a mistake, chances are huge that the internet will present you with hilarious answers.Twitteratti and Redditors have come out to share the real-life example where they mistyped a word, and something unexpected happened. Have a look!

#15 A mistake that first makes you groan and then chuckle.

Intimidating, but maybe not one of that footwear which you flaunt.

#14 When was the last time you found him more attractive?

TBH, nobody has ever seen a goose with such pecs before. I realize, nothing is impossible on this planet.

#13 Jesus Christ won't forgive!

How about Chris Pratt turning into Christ Pratt on this Halloween? He would look handsome, we tell you.

#12 Poutine?

As an American, everyone is aware of the fact how delicious is 'poutine'.

#11 Corgi pants rather than cargo pants?

You mistype a single word and look at the results you get there. By the way, aren't these pants amazing too? Delightful to watch.

#10 Sailor Moon is a famous anime series, but Sailor Moo isn't.

The is the best result we've got here, just one missed word, and you turn from someone famous to a cow.

#09 Just look at him.

"Accidentally searched up minion horse instead of minion horde on google. Not even mad," writes HenryHoof.

#08 Mistakenly searched 'overweight car' instead of 'overweight cat.'

Well, it could be called as the safest car in the world, I mean look at the amount of cushion used.

#07 Butthole :D 

Poor woman accidentally searched how to knit a 'butthole' instead of 'buttonhole.'

#06 Look at the way how Americans express their patriotism.

This one, I can't say anything else but just that it's new to me. Do dogs always look good when they dress up?

#05 Gandhi never looked this cool.

I bet this isn't a real typo error, I mean who types 'Ariana' at the place of 'Mahatma'?

#04 It can be considered.

A typing error that fits the personality of cats everywhere. Wait, is Elon Musk having the same tattoo on his back?

#03 So from here begin the top 3 pictures.

Unfortunately, I'll have to call this one foul, C key is nowhere near T and H.

#02 Now that's hilarious for damn reasons.

Considering that he has done some war films, 'Tom Tanks' suits him better than 'Tom Hanks'.

#01 What an amazing mistake it is.

Which Game of Thrones cat is your favorite? Imagine what if they shoot an entire series using cats?