20 Hacks You Will Laugh At If You Have A Brain Of An Engineer 

As an engineering student, you will most likely be using up most of your time studying and trying to pass your subjects. This leaves you with minimal time for other things, like cooking food, doing your laundry, etc.Having known that, you simply can't avoid your work. But, you can definitely adopt some tricks and tips to make your life easier. And who doesn't want to work and make their daily tasks simpler? See, being lazy is just one thing. Engineers are the breed that possesses the quality of being lazy along with that smart ass always on the run. What's better is there is no harm in doing the work with some smartness. How about if the tap is broken and we fix some bottle piece to make it up for the emergency? Doesn't that sound cool?With more such interesting things, we are presenting you with some life hacks right from an engineer's brain, that will help your life a bit easier. 

1. These headphones

Have you seen such cool headphones in your life? Oh well, no company sells anything like these. These foamy headphones are straight from the head of an engineer. Would you use these headphones?

2. That wood piece

Did you notice that broken glass is replaced with a wooden piece? Engineers can do anything.

3. Who does this to a MacBook?

Isn't that a good trick to charge your MacBook? Indeed.

4. One for the chair support.

A bottle for this chair leg. What a brain this person has used.

5. Rain protection

Wrapping this polythene on your legs requires no other rain protection, I guess.

6. What has happened to this BMW?

For the dust protection, this person has used the broomstick for the car window cleaning.

7. A virtual headlight.

Good one. Take out the print of a headlight and stick it to the place of your broken headlight.

8. And what is this cat trying to do?

No clue!

9. Brilliant idea for the garbage.

Work of a genius.

10. And here comes the car gear.

No words.

11. A band-aid for the car.

Ouch! Hope that heals.

12. An apple for everything.

An apple a day, I guess.

13. For the book readers.

Because avid readers everywhere! 

14. Good for the tech geeks.

Techies, I tell you! 

15. Good place to store the fuel.

Wait! What?

16. How about shutting the window?

I am sure this could have been better.

17. So lazy to drink.

Look at the other man's expression. And the coolness with which this man is drinking.

18. That virtual sink and hole.


19. Good to whisk!

Here's the trick, whenever you don't have a whisk machine, try with a drilling machine and fix a scissor to it. It'll work best.

20. Time to swing.

And why not? Have your drink sitting there and let the kids swing with that long rope in your hands.That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.