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These 25 Sarcastic Comics With Dark Humor Will Make You Cringe

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." We have heard a lot of people giving this lifestyle advice to keep things positive. But what if they fail to realize is that lemons aren't the only thing life's got in store for us. Life is not a lemon vendor, it's an evil prankster who loves to see the world burn.Life is funny, and life is cruel and the best 'lemonade' a man can come up with is to find humor in the misery. People resort to sarcasm and dark humor in dire situations, and the Moscow-based artist Gudim Anton is a prime example of it.Many of his pieces require a double take to get the joke and a decent knowledge of Internet memes and viral stories. But if you do, it will certainly make you go LOL!Check it out!

There Flat 50% sale on Dresses here.

Well, a half-rate discount is something one would enjoy, but not false advertising though.

That bulge in the back pocket.

"It isn’t just a smartphone. It is a part of me now!"

How we’ve grown through the years.

The only difference – we have to feed ourselves in the latter phase.

“I love you…”

…but only as a friend! Surely, Gudim Anton has illustrated the 'friend-zone' pretty well.

Real Life vs. Social Media Life

However broken we might be inside, we make sure it doesn’t show that way on our social profiles.

Gives you wings.

Will this happen if we cocoon ourselves every morning, only to grow wings later?

Withered with time!

The image is so true – how we wither away as the time passes!

Don’t leave me drowning, bro!

Yup, a hi-5. That’s what I want when I’m drowning. That will save my life.There's more to come!

Circle of life.

From the ‘Zilla to the bacteria' – there is always someone to rule upon

Breaking the ‘fourth wall’.

The owner threw a stick, which the poor doggo couldn’t find. So he brought the next best thing.

It’s tiring to stand for the portrait all day.

Anyone would love to sleep under the starry night.

Left out from the conversation.

One of the perks of putting on earphones.Read on to see his take on social media!

Going through your photos from the past.

A walk down the memory lane. #OnlyGodCanJudgeUs

A selfie on the Red Carpet.

Being a celebrity in ourselves.

Sometimes, when just saying it isn’t enough!

I wish I could try that, some day!

Haha! A 2-D Theater

This makes me curious about what a 1-D Theater would look like.The artist also perfectly captured your inner struggles, too. Go on ahead!

When you put yourself to recharge for the new day…

…only to find that the charger wasn’t plugged in the morning. That’s what it feels every morning before getting up.

Breaking free the prisoner!

Very often we forget to realize that we all have an inner child. Sometimes, we should just let it out and play.

The nuclear fidget spinner.

Today, we might as well make a hazardous trend like this something commonplace.

Not what it looks like!

Gudim Anton has taken this phrase way too seriously!

Just taking some time off!

A construction worker not construction-working!

Oh, those tan lines!

Looks like this mattress didn’t get the sun-tan it was hoping for?

The Domino effect.

This looks so hilarious. Especially because this is how humans would look on a rough day.

Standing out with a new haircut!

Off with the sides, and a bun at the top!... Yup, that’s the one.

“This trend has been ‘raging’ on”.

This can be one of the explanations for those torn-up jeans!You can find these, and more of his hilarious works on the Instagram handle of the artist Gudim Anton.Share these illustrations with your friends and spread some laughs. Post your thoughts in the comment section. You can reach out to me on harsh@wittyfeed.com