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Ever Wondered What $1 Can Buy You Across The World?

Before going on with the article, I want to ask one question - 'How many of you have planned a trip anywhere, local or foreign, and held yourself back because you were broke?' Raise your hands shamelessly, no one's judging you. In fact, I am one of them. Being broke puts a lot of our plans behind bars. Heck, many times we had to stretch the lasts of our money in order to survive a whole month.The best way was to starve for days and cocoon ourselves in our rooms. I am talking about the days when the sight of real currency made your heart skip a beat. But, however light on the wallet we are, the dream to have a trip around the world never leaves our head.But even if you can afford to travel anywhere, what then? How can you budget-eat in a totally different country? Luckily, most of the countries have their own version of Dollar-Gourmet. If you’re on a broke man’s budget but want to keep your stomach full, check out what $1 will get you around the world:

1. USA

Starting off at the United States of America, you can get a Pizza Slice for a buck. Not too bad, I must say.


If you plan to visit Peru with an empty wallet, you can still land a decent Peruvian dish, 'Aji-de-Gillani' or 'chicken with sauce' dressed with a boiled egg, black olives, and rice.


Visiting the Indonesian sub-continent, you can enjoy 'Bubur Ayam', a chicken dish with enough toppings to satiate your rumbling belly.

South Korea

South Korea is quite kind in itself and sells sushi-esque Vegetable Kimbap Rolls for the same price.


If you plan to visit here, never dare to miss out on the 'Kürtőskalács'. Not simply, because they are delicious, but also they are easy on your pockets. And did I mention that they're delicious?


Japan doesn't come as merciful to you. But, you can still get a Snickers bar with a buck, if that counts.


If you ever wake up in Tanzania, you can have a cheap, yet tasty 'Chipsi Mayai', that is essentially a potato omelet.


In the land of pharaohs and pyramids, one wouldn't think that you could attain a traditional meal for such a cheap price. But it's true, you can enjoy a medium Koshari plate, that’s bound to fill you up and still give you leftovers to spare.


A Shawarma is pretty much a full meal, you can get your hands on, in Dubai in 1 USD.


England provides you with a loaf of bread to let you have a generous meal for the time.


The country that is renowned for its hospitality towards the guests, makes sure you're well fed any time of the day. In a dollar, you can place an order for a full meal with food still to spare, in case you wanna pack it up for later.


The French love their bread. So much so, that they'd make sure you get it, even if you're running out of money. You can still have a Baguette to get through the day for the max of a dollar.


If you're strolling on the Nepali streets in search for food, worry no more. Just reach up to any Momo dumpling store. You can have around 10 momos for a dollar. That's a pretty decent deal too!

Hong Kong

Just like Japan, it's tough to survive a meal with just a buck in Hong Kong. But, at least some Cola for the night might help you get through. 

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, you can seal the deal for a nice cold glass of beer at a small, shady pub. I guess, we have to make do with what we have, right?

North Korea

Well, your health matters quite much. And to make you stronger, you have an option having some milk in exchange for your scarce dollar.


The Land of pizzas is way too proud of their delicacy (and rightly so), so surely they won't be simply giving it off for low costs. But if you're looking for a cheap breakfast, you can wake up with an espresso for a dollar.


In Canada, you can have a head of lettuce for a dollar. So, if you're broke, and are ready for a green salad, Canada has just the thing to offer you.


You can get 2 kg of potatoes for your dollar in Russia. What to do about them, is up to you. Well, when it comes to cheap travels, I am pretty sure this list will help.Let me know what you think about the article in the comment section. Share this with your 'travel enthusiasts' who cancel more plans than making them..You can reach out to me at harsh@wittyfeed.com