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13 Amazing Pictures Of People In History You Have Hardly Seen

Most often we have seen some of the world leaders and dictators in their present pictures and the palette that we associate with them is colourful. Rarely has it came to our mind, how these leaders looked like in their teenage or childhood? All those pictures that used to be black and white in those days. And definitely, these may have been found out by some photographers in the world who have uploaded them on the internet.Although the thing may look quite simple to you, these historical images have a surprisingly touching effect: by seeing those historic moments, we can relate to these extraordinaire people who have made history memorable. Instead of seeing those photos like those usual pictures of leaders in some books, see them through a different perception and you'll realize meeting people that seem a lot more real and they'll look as if these are taken just from yesterday.Let's take a look.

That's Pope Francis

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 17, 1936, to Italian immigrants. He graduated from a technical school as a chemical technician before beginning training at the Diocesan Seminary of Villa Devoto.

Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee

Both actors died on movie sets: the father at the age of 32 during the making of The Game of Death, and the son at 28 years old on the set of The Crow.

Pablo Picasso's children

These are one of the best artists: Claude and Paloma Picasso. As quick-tempered as his father, Claude now heads the Picasso Administration, and eccentric Paloma is a famous jewelry designer and heads her own perfume empire.

Charlie Chaplin, when he got old

Have you seen Charlie Chaplin in old age? Here you are!

Hemingway caught...

Hemingway caught a tuna fish, yeah nothing unusual about it but I've never seen such a picture of this man.

Vladimir Lenin

This is one of the rare pictures of this man's childhood on the left. On the right, it's his last photo.

Bomb blast survivor

One of the rare pictures of the Hiroshima Blast survivor.

Young Einstein

Yeah, I know he doesn't look like one. But, he is at the time while with his friends in 1903.

These young opponents

24-year-old Winston Churchill and 34-year-old Benito Mussolini.

Ernest Hemmingway

Here’s one shot we are familiar with and a photo taken around the time of his high school graduation.

Coco Chanel

 She looked like this back in 1910 and 1957.

And this is how Hitler looked

With the most voluminous moustache in his 20s, here's Hitler with his mates.

Walt Disney

This is one of the pictures of this famous man, Walt Disney while he was drawing his favourite thing - Mickey Mouse.

Mother Teresa

Who knew this 18-year-old Macedonian would become so famous throughout the world as Mother Teresa.