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16 Hilarious Pictures Captured In Awkward Situations That Can Drive Anyone Crazy

Suppose you are standing in a queue for withdrawing cash, and as you reach the counter, the banker changes the board of OPEN to CLOSE, or you borrow a packet of bread, and when you open it, you find all of them to be hollow. Well, in both the instances you can do nothing but ask God why did it happen to you? These type of instances are certainly awkward and can easily drive anyone crazy.When you think about these situations happening to someone else, you can do nothing but laugh. Here in this story, you will find pictures that were captured in such moments. If you can get through all these pictures without saying 'why' then something is really wrong with you. So, check out the images and be ready to get surprised.

Unlucky mode = ON.

The person can do nothing but wait for his number.

Should've dried the hands first.

There's no chance in hell that this person can get the toilet paper out with wet hands. 

Where will the water go?

At least they should have attached a pipe through the tiles if not basin.

Really, directly jumping to the center.

I know you also cannot tolerate this crazy behavior. I mean, who starts eating from the center? 

The world is developing.

Still, there are problems of drainage in many parts of the world.

Only legends can do this with perfection.

This happens every time with me too.

One finger at a time.

Well, the designer who designed it wanted a person to wash one or two fingers at a time.

Greatest demonstration at a shop.

I don't know who will look for dresses that are hanging at least 10 feet above the ground.

No sync in the sink.

I think the plumber was short of measuring instruments.

Grandma, leading the pack.

This would be a good meme for people who don't care about others' opinion.

Don't tell me how to sit.

Now, this man has defied all the expectations.

Wow, what a luck?

I think the person should've checked the package first.

Only 11 eggs, really?

Hats off to the man who designed the fridge and gave space for 11 eggs to fit in.

Thug life, baby.

This boy should sing the song, 'Who Let the Dogs Out?'

This is the safest cycle stand, I suppose.

If a thief wants to steal the bicycle, s/he will have to take the parking stand with it.