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This Girl Born With Heart Outside Of Her Chest Is Creating Ripples With Her Spirit

"My heart is right here. It's outside of my chest and I really love my mom, she's always touching my heart because she likes it."-Virsaviya to NBC Miami in 2015Here is the story of the brave girl Virsaviya Borun, who was born with her heart outside of her chest. She is just like any other girl of her age. But what sets her apart is her strength to live with such a condition. We are simply smitten with her spirit, that has instilled the faith of self-love in us. She too loves to dance and to draw. She was born with Pentalogy of Cantrell, which is a rare disorder in which her heart and intestines reside outside her stomach. There are also some other body parts that are missing, such as the diaphragm, parts of the chest bones and some abdominal muscles. The little girl lives with her mom, Dari Borun, in the USA, but they are originally from Russia.Read on to know the story of the prodigy who is defying all odds.

The little one is trying all that she can for her happiness.

But she is not intimidated by the deformity.

Virsaviya with her mother.

Gosh! Their confidence is contagious.

Both of them are pretty happy in their little world.

But they surely look out for support.

The caption on this adorable click is soo full of love that I could not help but bring forth to you.

"Sometimes she feels like she is not good enough to be loved, sometimes she feels like she is so different from others that she said she has no purpose in this world, sometimes she cries ... but I encourage her and show her how people love the way she is, how much I love her

Yes, Virsaviya is fond of...

Dressing up and being all good-looking.

I am in love with her innocent yet confident smile.

Rarely do kids her age possess as much strength.

At the age of two, in a German hospital.

Her mother is trying all that she can to take care of her little bundle of joy.

Here is the cutie-pie with her mother on New Year's Eve.

The caption reads..."Happy New Year to everyone

Yes, she wished to be liberated from those shackles.

Yes, she wants to breathe, without any hindrance.

Mother-daughter duo in a single frame.

They have set goals for us.

She revels in the birth gift that she has got...

Most of all, she isn't ashamed of it.

Hats off to her spirits.

Kudos to the mom of the little one for instilling such principles and faith in her.

She says,

When I'm getting dressed, I put soft clothes on to not hurt my heart. I walk around, I jump, I fly, I run, I'm not supposed to run but I love running."

This girl is an inspiration for all others who are suffering from birth defects.

It is all just the way one sees and perceives them.

Just look at her heart beating in this adorable video.

Gosh! I was completely stumped looking at this.

Having fun by the beach...

Revelling in the waves.