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14 Stubborn Trees That Refused To Die No Matter What

Jeff Goldblum said one of the best things in the movie Jurassic Park, "Life, uh... finds a way". And long after we’re gone our green buddies will remain.Trees have been around for like 370 years or more. And what do we do? We continuously try to destroy them, well not intentionally but yeah, we do. Unintentionally sometimes, we cut down our green buddies who, without asking for any favor give us so many things. We cut them to urbanize and then we show off that we care, how? By planting trees. Isn't that too hypocritical? No, don't take me as if I'm offending you and telling to not plant trees. Instead, I'm trying to wake you up from a long sleep and look at those trees that have been there when thousands of people died and lived through the era. They refused to never give up and stand tall, okay well, at least not that tall but yes, they curved and they stood again.Even we humans don't have this much courage to sustain in the difficult situations. Would you like to see those trees? Let's take a tour.

Oh my, my!

Nature just takes away your heart sometimes. Out of nowhere, this tree is in the middle of an infertile land. If there's a will, there's a way.

Nature wins here...

I couldn't explain how beautifully this tree is blooming and that too on a rock.

On this signal post...

It is hilarious to see this tree growing here. Unexplainable, isn't it? I wish this grows that so strongly it may burst the post.

Roots that extended from the mainland for nutrients

This is when we say, if you are dedicated enough, you will find a way anyhow. These roots might have been very long to cross the mainland.

How about this one?

OMG! This tree grew right from the third floor window wall.

This tree refused to die...

Even after being cut off, this tree refused to die. It linked itself with the cut off part.

When this one fell down...

It gave birth to or rather call it, a new life to four more trees on it. You can see it clearly. Right? That's why the thing 'Life may be anywhere' is damn true. Even if you never believed in this, you will start believing after looking at this picture.

You can never bring me down!

Said the tree... This tree here fell over and curved back to its place. It's standing tall as you may see.

A place of peace...

Don't you feel absolutely enchanted after looking at this image? I felt so, as I saw this tree growing here in the middle of this water body.

Creepy, isn't it?

This one tree's roots spread over the sidewalk. Looks a bit creepy to me. How about you?

Rising from the ashes

Like a warrior, this tree is striving on this burnt and infertile area.

Only tree that survived Tsunami in Japan

Among about 70,000 trees that existed in that area, only this particular tree is standing tall in Japan after surviving the Tsunami that came in Japan.

When life find its way...

That is true yet it looks like some painting that has been drawn recently.

Like a receiver of light...

Doesn't it look like a tree whose leaves are growing because of this light shining from above?That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com