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These Ten Horrible Creatures Created By Science Are Damn Scary

If you’re here, that surely means you’re interested in the scientifically created species, but you need to be courageous and brave enough to see them, because they may not fit in your ‘cuddly-wuddly’ criteria. Every year, scientists create hundreds of crossbred animals for varied reasons, the creepy creatures which we cannot ever imagine to exist in the world around us. We all have seen healthy and trained dogs, but how often do we come across zombie dogs? Or let’s say, a rat who has a human ear on its back? Yes, they look as disgusting as you just imagined. Today, scientists have succeeded in creating creatures of all types, but with a twist. And we’re here to bring all those twists and turns that turned creepy. Have a look!

#10 A Dead End Mosquito

Scientists have genetically created this 'Dead End Mosquito' to fight dengue. The UK biotech firm, Oxtitec's idea is simple behind this, to eliminate a virus that's causing around 2.3 million infections and 25,000+ death worldwide.

#09 Vacanti Mouse

The Vacanti Mouse was developed at a laboratory, but the unique thing was 'an ear-like structure' that scientists had grown on its back using cow cartilage.

#08 Pink Bollworm

Pink Bollworm is an insect which is known for being a pest in cotton farming. These are dangerous species who ruin cotton farms in Asia.

#07 See-Through Frog.

Science, a subject which denies anything that can't be proved has achieved significant milestones, and another example could be the discovery of 'a see-through frog' which allows you to look through its body. The species are already known to be in danger of extinction.

#06 Featherless Chicken

In 2002, an Israeli geneticist had created a 'featherless chicken' prototype which was bare skinned, for obvious reasons. He had said that featherless chicken could be the future of mass poultry farming in warmer countries.

#05 Zombie Dog

In 1940, scientists had released the pictures of several dog heads which they had kept alive for a few hours after its death. The head was able to wiggle and lick. It was also called 'zombie dog experiment' through which they were kept alive by providing artificial blood circulation. It was done to find out if a human can be resurrected after death or not.

#04 Human Pig 'Chimera'.

With an aim to grow human organs inside animals for transplantation, scientists successfully achieved the milestone of creating a human-pig hybrid. It was the first time when embryos of two non-related species were combined, reports The Guardian.

#03 Tumor Fish

Tumor Fish is an umbrella term for sea-creatures who developed tumors. One such fish is Flowerhorn Cichlid, who are born with humps on their forehead and considered fortunate in Chinese culture.

#2 Spider Goat

Prof Randy Lewis has developed a 'spider-goat' using 'spider genes' at Utah University in the USA. He reports that the goat is healthy and you can sense 'silk (extra protein) in its milk.' 

#1 Belgian Blue Cows.

Belgian Blue is a breed of cows in Belgium. These cows are incredibly lean, hyper-muscular with an increased number of muscle fibers, a condition that is also known as being 'double muscling.'

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