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These Photos Of Firefighters With Animals Are Too Steamy For Women To Handle 

After a long tiring day, when the workload was just too much to take and when you have been seeing all the same faces again and again and again... and again (and again), what makes your eyes go rolling over in ecstasy? A greasy cheesy sandwich, a box of chocolates and a calendar full of hot guys to ogle at with no one to judge. OMG, right?In Australia, every year starts with a set of chiseled abs, biceps of steel, titillating jumpsuits and smokin' hot bodies since 1993. And if that wasn't enough, this year, these goshdarn firefighters are joined by adorable animals to keep you swinging between 'Mmmm-s' and 'Awww-s'.You guessed it right. The 2018 Australian Firefighters Calendar is here for a tantalizing beginning of a new year. Take a look for yourself.

Can't pick which one to look at?

Which is more killer - that smile or the puppy?

Treat for your eyes

I'd be hopping around him if I were that kangaroo!

Such a manly shoulder!

 I warn you - some of these images are too hot to handle!

Crafted by God 

The perfect physique I'd want to see all day - the body of a Greek God. And there's much more to come.

A happy, sexy new year

Can't imagine a year going bad when it begins with these hotties!

Smokin' hot, literally!

The only thing I can think of right now - "Can't keep my hands to myself"!

That smile is killing me!

So where are you? At the 'Mmmm-s' or the 'Awww-s'?

There goes my heart!

Can't say if I could go through all of these!

*Sniff Sniff*

Beneath all those solid muscles and pecs, is a soft caring heart! And these ones were just a few out of the lot!

A reason to stare at the wall

Be it these hot men holding puppies in their hand or maybe simply being hot - these calendars will be something to garnish your plain walls

Hotness for welfare!

The proceeds from the Australian Firefighters Calendars are going to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, so you could also order all three, you know, for the sake of the children.

Definition of 'Perfection'!

That ink! That smile! That spike!

Eyes to sink in!

These men are even better at making the puppy-dog face.

Maturity is to age like wine!

If 'Mature and sexy' was a person, it would be him!

Quenching the thirst!

Seeing him drizzled in water like that is weirdly turning me on!

When you are hot and adorable at the same time:

That perfection in smile and the eyes. Looks like I'm falling in love.