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15 Men Who Can Give Girls Sleepless And Restless Nights

Hello witty people!Ever been through a boring day when you simply feel like escaping to somewhere? And then, there enters the internet. It saves you by serving something super interesting (maybe a hottie) as a dessert. Doesn't it? Didn't understand? Make a wild guess? I'm talking about your favourite celebrities who you tend to admire most of the time. This happens with all of us and it kinda triggers a naughty dreaming session too. It is an indisputable fact that those chiselled cheekbones, groomed facial hair, masculine postures, incredible fashion sense, and above all of this, an overall pleasant demeanour makes it hard for us to resist. Today, I bring to you a list of my personal favourites who also happen to be the hottest men in the world.

Ian Somerhalder

His sense of humour and that trademark smirk make a perfect combination of being desirable and sassy. 

Chris Hemsworth

Superhero 'Thor' is here and I can't take my eyes off. From his bulging biceps to being a man of the hour wherever he goes, Chris has never ever disappointed me. 

Omar Borkan Al Gala

In 2013, Omar Borkan Al Gala, an Iraqi poet and actor, along with two other men was thrown out of an annual fest for being 'ridiculously handsome'. Later, it was investigated and noted that this wasn't the reason, he was also reported for dancing indecently. I wonder why such instances happen in the first place? 

Chris Evans

This minute, all that I see is you, Captain! How can someone be so arousing? 

Matt Bomer

For me, White Collar was all about Matt. I think he has an aim of setting unrealistic standards for all men out there. 

Channing Tatum

Right from his journey as a dancer in Step-up to being Mike in Magic Mike, this man is completely electrifying. In my opinion, he is that one man who can pull out a dressed up look with equal hotness as a dressed down look. 

Chris Pratt

Isn't he too cute to handle? If I ever dated a guy like him I would never ask for anything else in this world! Pinky promise on that one. 

Tom Cruise

This heartthrob has a magnetic personality which attracts all girls. He makes me analyse why all those missions were never possible, it is all because of his good looks, good looks and good looks. 

Song Joong-ki 

The South Korean actor who rose to fame with his historical drama film Sungkyunkwan Scandal, probably has the cutest face. Also, his journey from rural outskirts to being a global name is awe-inspiring. 

Brad Pitt 

Talking about tough and unconventional roles? It will be a crime to not mention this actor in your list. I'm warning you, It'll be a criminal offence. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

The man who stole my heart with just one line: "Where to, Miss?" Leo is defying all laws of ageing and is just focusing on getting better with time. He's going to be my evergreen crush! 

Jensen Ackles

He is that one man whose personality screams 'I'm cute but dangerous too'. His role from 'The Supernatural' gave him a global recognition but I'd always love him for being his usual self. 

Niall Horan

If you are a directioner and you're reading this, you'll probably know why he's on my list. I think he is a perfect boyfriend material. 

Noah Mills

Male model Noah Mills is going to make you sweat. (Be it this way or that way)

Justin Timberlake

From being by his lady love's side always to giving that tough time to other girls, he is always playing it like a boss. That's all people. Like and Share the story with your friends. You can also share your feedback with me at muskan@wittyfeed.com