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Wild Yet True Illustrations Reflecting The Disgust Filled In This Modern World

Amongst all the positivities, here are the negatives that still marr the fabric of peace and freedom in the 21st Century. Artist Luis Quiles has painted an elaborate picture of the modern world, underlining the vices and the double standards that this world majorly composes. From objectifying of the female anatomy to the dominance of social media to the badass attitude of the millennial women, that is hard to digest, this artist has unabashedly illustrated what she felt living in the lopsided standards of the present.Through his work, he has highlighted the flawed morals, the blotted face of politics, the everlasting patriarchy, the obsession with the curves of the so-called 'weaker-half' of the world and the attraction for all the wealth. The work put forth here is nothing less than an unabashed take and one of the ways to let out the aggression that has been long piling up in our souls. This piece is not a rosy read, let me warn you, but will surely coax you to think differently.

Yes, it surely is. 

But, only when it is not a show-off but only absorption of knowledge. 

When she knows it well, the only way to defend her assets.

Credits: Luis Quiles

An amalgamation of Che Guevera and Guy Fawkes...

A girl knows her conduct best.

Gosh! That is just so disturbing, yet a reality...

When she is thought of as doing it all for money! *not trying to judge here*

For she takes care of herself.

Gorging on all the pills. 


The sad truth, when one part of the world hogs on fat burgers and the other half struggles even for fresh air.

Social media is the food, she is forced to digest.

The brutal attacks are heart-wrenching.

She shi*s social media.

Yes, that is just no standard, rather double standard.

Trump, setting his sail on Hitler's tube!

Same philosophy?!

When social media is where emotions are displayed!

The fakest of them all.

The Batman and the Catwoman...

When there is a battle for power.

For are your morals, moral enough?

Questioning it right, girl.

Under the patriarchy of the society, she is suffering.

Fidgeting her way out.

The vices of society...

Taking their toll even on the little souls. 

The power, the curb...

When there is no freedom in this 'free world'.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

A humorous illustration, housing a malnourished kid, at the perfectly hitting place, on the as* of the very famous, Kim Kardashian.

For human deeds are no less than a lethal trap...

For the innocent species.

With the advent of Facebook and other social media networks, 

The control of the world surely seems to shift.

Are all these really the 'Old Testaments'?

Rather new and irrelevant.